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Master of Art & Design for the Public Space

The Master in Art & Design for the Public Space is a further education study programme for graduate students holding a Degree in Fine Art or Design, but also for graduate students coming from areas of study such as Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscaping or Product Design. The course offers alternatives for further education within a scope of research that aims to intervene in the public space in a social, political, urban or virtual approach.

The course favours an approach that conveys operative skills and reflexive tools adequate to address the public domain, a territory which has progressively affirmed itself within diverse circuits of knowledge and artistic pratice. Thus, on the one hand, the character of expertise of the programme of studies addresses very specific needs of the spacial intervention operativeness; on the other, its pluri and interdisciplinary root establishes from the outset a focus on enabling the students to work, both collectively and individually, in an independent and critical manner.

With the aim of furthering cientific multidisciplinary dialogue and enabling a groundwork for thinking and acting upon the city, the landscape, the community or the museum, the course celebrates co-operation with other Faculties and Research Centres, namely CCRE (Centre for Spacial Communication and Representation) at the Architecture Faculty of Porto, and is part of Trans_Form_Actions an International Research Programme funded by Culture 2000.

Some classes will be held in Portuguese, individual tuition and papers to be submitted may be in English.

Fine Art Faculty | University of Porto | Portugal for more information, please contact gvpinheiro(at)netcabo(dot)pt

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