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Notes from Skype Meeting with Miriam 10:15-11:00

  • We reviewed MK's proposal
  • We agreed that any people doing flyers would be subcontractors - MK would pay them from fees she receives from AIM - but that should apply for these monies over and beyond what she's received.
  • We agreed that phone calls would be absorbed into MK's fee.
  • MK will try to attend our May 10th meeting
  • MK to email intro letter for PR
  • Marsha to send high quality photos to MK on Monday, May 10th.
  • Pronouncing names - check in the meeting
  • MK to join the CP wiki
  • Marsha to set up the Progress Chart on the wiki
  • Marsha to contact to Chelsea people organizing The Contingency of Curation organizers = someone to invite people over to the launch event on the 21st.
  • We discussed listings. There may be a problem with listing both events. Targets for the days: Barcamps = 100 people and Market of Idea = 500.
  • Marsha to make Miriam Kings an administrator of FB
  • Look at Parade barcamps in the template - flesh out the Future Publics

Tuesday, March 11, 2010

  • Miriam and Marsha drafted a short intro paragraph and sent out the first round of press releases
  • Miriam contacted the events people at CCW to discuss merging our facebook pages - we're waiting for a response
  • Marsha is waiting to hear back from Ian about fixing the CP list, as we'd like to send the flyer from this.


  • Tuesday Marsha will locate envelops for the mailout
  • Miriam will print out the labels for the mail out on Thursday
  • Friday evening, Miriam and Marsha will meet at Chelsea to stuff and send the envelops
  • Miriam will collect flyers from the Gatehouse and/or from the Research Office on Friday

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