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Reference: Parade (working title) Public Space conference


We are writing to you on behalf of the Critical Practice Research cluster at Chelsea College of Art and Design, here in London. We have been in discussion with Kuba Szreder, a freelance curator from Warsaw, about the possibility of cooperating on an international conference exploring the contested, and increasingly relevant to topic of contemporary ‘public space’.

We are working towards a Parade conference and series of events. They would be hosted in public space at the beautiful Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground here at Chelsea, opposite Tate Britain in central London – 4 minutes from the Houses of Parliament

We intend to explore different conceptions of public space - historical, cultural, architectural and digital, as they are represented in Eastern and Western Europe through the contrasting experiences of Poland and Britain.

Parade will consist of a conference, workshops, lectures, talks a comprehensive website, and artistic interventions all unfolding in a specially commissioned architectural environment.

We are planning to include the participation of numerous British and Polish architects, artists and academics. Including from Poland (provisional list)

1. A group of young Polish architects – CENTRALA to collaborate on the architectural environment of the event.

2. Artists; Joanna Rajkowska, Robert Rumas, Pawe_ Althamer, Szu Szu Gallery, Maciej Kurak to conduct workshops; produce artistic interventions and performances.

3. Academics from social theory. Law and urban studies might include; Dr Krzysztof Nawratek (architecture, urbanism), Dr Micha_ Wi_niewski (philosophy), Prof. Ewa Rewers (cultural studies), Dr Maciej Gdula (sociology), Prof. Marek Krajewski (sociology), prof. Bohdan Ja_owiecki (sociology), Dr Dariusz Hyc (architecture).

We intend to convene the conference in May 2010, to coincide with the year-long Polish season in the UK. As part of this framework, we would like to apply for funding to the XXXXXXXXXXXXXX to support Parade. The estimated costs of the total project is XXXXXX (excluding sponsorship-in-kind). To include a significant XXXXXXXXXX contribution, we would require financial support of XXXXXXXXXXXX.

When you are next in London, we would be happy to meet you here at Chelsea College of Art and Design, to tour the building and discuss how we might proceed on this international collaboration.

We hope that you will feel as excited by this project as we do, and look forward to hearing from you

Yours Sincerely

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