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We're looking to create quality documentation that will coalesce into a shared resource. Following the KISS rule (Keep It Simple Stupid), here are a few guidelines that should make it easier to collate this documentation after parade.

Ideally we'll develop:

  • A short video to be posted on YouTube and linked to the wiki (?)
  • A publication of some kind (?)
  • Something else (?)

The hashtag for Parade on digital platforms and beyond is #parade10 please make your online content locatable by including this tag.

Take a look at BarCamp films from the Satellite Group

Posting online
  • hashtag = #parade10 - established on twitter, flickr and delicious
  • Time-lapse video - I'm going to approach Alex about developing a time lapse of the event. This is inspired by Fugitive Image's time lapse for I am here. It's super impressive and provides an excellent backdrop when they're presenting/discussing their work.
  • Vox Pops - "The term "vox pop" comes from the Latin phrase vox populi, meaning "voice of the people". The vox pop is a tool used in many forms of media to provide a snapshot of public opinion. Random subjects are asked to give their views on a particular topic and their responses are presented to the viewer/reader as a reflection of popular opinion." Source - would be nice to have short comments from visitors/participants in the event as well as members of CP. I'm developing a list of questions here.
  • We're still waiting to hear from ICFAR if they're going to give us any money to document Parade
  • Video camera requested from Chris
  • Tapes still need to be secured
  • Marsha will document the two-day event on a still camera. She'll also approach others post-event and request their images.

See and download copyleft images on Flickr here and here

  • High quality still camera has been requested from Chris
  • Large memory card still needs to be secured
BarCamp Presentations and Roving Reporters
  • Do we want to create audio recordings of these presentations?
  • We still need to secure some "roving reporters" who will feedback at the Barcamp of Barcamps...

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