Parade Meeting Minutes: May 10, 2010

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20100510 Critical Practice Parade Meeting notes

DATE: Monday, 10 May 2010, 5pm - 7pm
LOCATION Research Office, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank
ORGANIZATION: Cinzia Cremona chaired the meeting and Scott Schwager took Minutes.
IN ATTENDANCE: Neil Cummings, Marsha Bradfield, Eszther Steirhoffer, Miriam Kings, Cinzia Zremona, Ken Wilder and Scott Schwager were present.
AGENDA: Linked here
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Action points from previous meetings:

  • Neil to ask Alan Graham about wireless hotspots.
  • Marsha to contact Ken RE Cushions
  • Neil to buy wire cutters & pliers on Brick Lane.
  • Marsha to email Open Music Archive regarding what equipment they need for Friday night
  • Marsha to contact Mike regarding needs for cooking
  • Marsha to contact people from SALT about being roving reporters

ITEM 1: Reviewing the e-flyer and poster

  • The flyer’s been updated. Pending addition of a logo and name.
  • 1000 A5 flyers and 500 posters are being printed for Thursday/Friday.
  • Last-minute changes are difficult given deadlines. There is a balance in the final run-up, between enabling all individuals - our contributors, our partners, our funders, to sign off on each change and allowing time to market properly. With the flyer needed for the weekend, Neil will contact Kuba and AMI about any final additional last-minute changes further to calls for edits / input on the wiki and in recent meetings over the past few weeks...

ITEM 2: Crates and structure

  • 4320 crates coming Saturday 15th, 10am and 6 people can unload 2160 crates in 30 minutes.
  • The crates will have barriers around them for security and health and safety
  • 40,000 cable ties coming on Thursday 13th
  • Could we get a core plan / typology of the basic elements - we want to be organized and engage all our partners, including Ken's students

ITEM 3: Marketing

  • Miriam briefed the meeting on the marketing. Plans to list on websites and use specific tags on things like spoonfed.
  • Get listing out in as many places as possible. Wants to get a lot of people physically there. E-artsnow.
  • Miriam will need the press release for this.
  • Miriam to cut and paste to do a separate press release.
  • Miriam will let people know about specific stalls they may want to see.
  • Resonance FM. Contact of Marsha to contact Patrick Brill to mention on his Friday show.
  • RE Twitter blogging Miriam will set up a schedule of tweets
  • Our tag is #parade10
  • Research structure, activists, artists are major groups to invite.

ITEM 4: Pillow prototype

  • Marsha showed a possible version comprised of something foamy in a cotton tote. Everyone loved it: Green bag with Critical Practice stencil and IKEA pillow - or foam rubber
  • Marsha to contact Ken's rubber retailer and order 200 bags
  • Neil agrees to make the stencil
  • Eszter agrees to help paint the bags
  • The group agrees we'll paint our logo in black on the green bags


  • SALT are onboard to be roving reporters.
  • We have 31 stalls.
  • White boards - Marsha will order 15 flip charts, 40 pens and will contact Michaela about the whiteboards
  • Eszter plans to continue to be agent at RCA.
  • Eszter raises some really interesting questions about documentation and agrees to introduce Marsha to Department21, as they have lots of critical ideas about documentation
  • It's impossible to synthesize or make a definitive document as there are too many dynamics happening at the same time. Besides, there're lots of different perspectives...
  • Idea of roving reporters.
  • Cinzia observed that in the past, note takers can capture fragments, keywords and these have worked very well
  • We need a method statement as part of health and safety.
  • Ola arrives on the 15th and Mihow on the 17th

Action points:

  1. Neil to e-mail e-flier around to use again.
  2. Ken to line up a few student volunteers for Saturday
  3. Scott bring biscuits for Saturday
  4. Ken: to arrange the crates will have barriers around them for security
  5. Ken to deal with Health and Safety
  6. Ken to ask the architects to give instructions for the crates
  7. Marsha to draw up a timetable of building the crates
  8. Ken to order 10 tarps 2x6meters each
  9. Marsha to contact her contact to contact Bob and Roberta Smith to advertise.
  10. Miriam to do a major mail out tomorrow
  11. Marsha to order 200 bags and foam
  12. Neil to make stencil of critical practice
  13. Neil et. Al. to send Marsha some e-mails RE her email for contacts RE stalls
  14. Ken to organize with the students the cakes and snacks.
  15. Marsha to ask Michaela to deliver flipcharts / stands
  16. Cinzia to set up a new page to subscribe to barcamps
  17. Ola to send a project book tomorrow

Next meeting agenda can be found here - only it's not really a meeting. We'll be unloading the crates and experimenting with furniture in anticipation of building.

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