Parade Meeting Minutes: May 15, 2010

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DATE: Monday, 15 May 2010, 8am-11am
LOCATION Parade Ground, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank
IN ATTENDANCE: Neil Cummings, Alan Graham, Marsha Bradfield, Ken Wilder, Scott Schwager, Ewelina Warner, Michaela Ross and a team of students were present.
AGENDA: Linked here
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We didn't review the previous action points. Also, this was a very informal meeting; no one chaired and no minutes were taken. Below are just a few reflections...

  • Everyone worked incredibly hard to get the crates unloaded from two massive container trucks
  • We got the first batch done in half an hour; the second batch look slightly longer
  • Scott's biscuits and Neil's drinks were very much appreciated
  • Scott, Ken and Neil and the distributors were instrumental in getting the crates off the truck. Gravity also helped; there were some dramatic moments when the crates wobbled a bit; we need to think of ways to get them back on the truck - a forklift would be good, even a ramp
  • The crates were bungled into units of (?) using flat twine and clips (?) - Two strategies were used to move them: (1) four people to bundle, with each one lifting low down from a corner; (2) loading them onto a small wagon
  • Once off the truck and in the Parade Ground need the grass, the crates were surrounded by barriers
  • Marsha had a good talk with Alan Graham about creating the time-lapse and we've agreed to set it up in E-block in one of the admin offices, where it will be locked in
  • There was an immediate compulsion to climb on the crates as soon as they were all stacked in the center
  • Neil attached two kinds of signs: A program for parade and "cross the barriers at your own risk"
  • Alan, Ken and Scott spent some time brainstorming furniture
  • We tested the pillow prototype and decided
  • The crates look fantastic - very black and rich
  • Neil explained they were made for Parade but will be sold on to dairies afterward
  • We just hope there will be enough
  • Scott, Neil, Ken, Ewelina and Marsha all met afterward to briefly discuss construction next week.
  • Marsha talked about the value of keeping the right-of-way, as this is integral to the site's normal operations
  • Neil spoke about the importance of creating spaces for the barcamps what supported their organization in a semi-circle around some space for display - such as a flip board.
  • Marsha also mentioned that we'd need a way to secure the flip board for the minutes fragments as we don't have easels/stands (But can't we scare of something from Chelsea? It's an art school after all!)
  • We decided to wished to support three barcamps areas - and then possibly have a fourth that's more informal
  • We talked about having ground sheets in the event it rains, so people's backsides and pillows don't get wet as they're sitting around

Action Points:

  • Ken is going to create an overlay to Ola and Michow's design
  • Marsha and Scott will share a set of plans for the building
  • Marsha will order 300 Ikea pillows to go with the 300 bags
  • Marsha will also order 100 larger Ikea pillows for stall holders - they're slightly more comfy and a nice souvenir of the event

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