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Parade is a distributed conference and temporary architectural environment examining issues of Being in Public. It will take place in May 2010 in the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, part of Chelsea College of Art and Design - a prominent location in London's Millbank, beside Tate Britain.

It will consist of a series of bespoke architectural structures, hosting a variety of spaces for different modalities of interaction - workshops, seminars, discussions, construction sessions, experiments and experiences. We envision mobile elements to form flexible configurations of space, adaptable to the needs of the participants. One larger communal space will host moments of summing up, key-note prersentation, and bring together the knowledge produced within separate activities.

To refine and generate some of the intellectual content, and perhaps some of the participants, we are planning to convene a PubliCamp in Kennington Park – a former common, scene of a huge public Chartist gathering, enclosed (with Royal sponsorship), and now a ‘public’ park.


The project is motivated by questions of publicness - What is public space? What is public domain? How do we operate within these realms? We aim to explore:

  1. can we develop a shared ethic towards public goods.
  2. The different understandings of publicness, starting from experiences in Britain and Poland
  3. How the configuration of public space influences modes of sociality
  4. How shared knowledge constitutes a public domain
  5. What does it mean to be a public servant
  6. The differences between public and private in the context of common and owned goods.
  7. The history and development of the idea of public

A number of partner organisations will support us to analyse these issues in practice:

Within Chelsea College of Art and Design, we are collaborating with Dr Ken Wilder - course director of the Interior and Spatial Design MA course, and member of the Research Group Spaces and Narrations - and his students to design and build the structures that will host the event.

We also collaborate with TrAIN - the Research Centre for Transnational Art, Identity & Nation - to plan a series of talks and presentations with some of the participants in Parade.

We have established connections with the Architectural Association School of Architecture, who will be collaborating on designing the structures.

We have Arup's commitment to support us with structural and engineering advise.


Coordinators: Prof Neil Cummings and Cinzia Cremona
Critical Practice: Marsha Bradfield, Michaela Ross, Neal White, Ewelina Warner

Polish freelance curator: Kuba Szreder

Temporary list of invited artists, architects, thinkers:

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