Parade Publication Meeting Minutes: June 15, 2010

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DATE: Monday, 15 June 2010, 5pm-6:30
LOCATION Research Office
ORGANIZATION: Marsha took the minutes; there was no chair
IN ATTENDANCE: Neil, Basia, Marsha, Ken, Scott, Michaela, Cinzia, Method AGENDA: There was no agenda for this meeting
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Towards the Publication

  • Do we have the energy and drive to produce a legacy publication?
  • There are questions around resource allocation.
  • In the absence of an agenda, let's use this meeting to scope our ambitions for the publication.
  • Neil with David Garcia and he would like to make Parade an example for future research by supporting a publication and this great news.
  • Chris and Oriana are thinking about a series of pamphlets to launch the graduate school and Critical Practice may have an opportunity to contribute by creating a 32-page publication
  • We agree this probably won't accommodate our ambition for a publication but image it could be a kind of institution aperitif - a condensation of our larger initiative
  • What do we have in mind?
  • Something closer to a book - something that could be inserted into other economies that the wiki
  • We discuss the possibility of building a website and decide the wiki is working well in many ways. However, it's not very user-friendly for those not initiated in the culture. This suggests we might like to rework aspects of the wiki to make it more accessible. We agree, however, that having another web presence seems problematic, antithetical to how CP works. However, Cinizia suggests there's a way to make the publication online that could be a little more sophisticated than just posting PDFs
  • Do we wish to solicit contributions for the publication? Cinzia wonders if this is the best way to go
  • Do we wish to sell the publication? Should we think about a print on demand model?
  • We talked about collating the moving and still images into an insert DVD and agree it might be interesting to have a "loose archive" with a body of information (images, maps, plans, etc.) that have been culled by the editorial team could sit alongside the publication as a kind of appendix
  • What will lead the publication's organisation? Marsha observes it might be useful think about how the Market operated; Neil wonders why just the Market when Parade was comprised of so many aspects? Marsha wonders about the epistemological basis of the publication and how it will relate to the event. Michaela is also interested in this relationship. How can we think about them on some kind of continuum that's not just about content but reflects complex terms of engagement at play in Parade.
  • What will the publication look like? How will we manage the images? Method suggests we do a portion in colour. There's discussion around doing the rest in halftone - green maybe - and print the text in green ink. Ken wonders about this being readable...We're already preoccupied with aesthetics - how the thing will look.
  • Perhaps we should think about size as that will determine the volume of stuff we'll include

Editorial Working Group

  • Neil agrees to shepherd the collaboratively developed publication; Marsha observes there's value in having someone with an overall perspective, who can imagine how all the bits and pieces fit together.
  • We agree there will be two editorial working groups: one to manage the DVD and the other to manage the print publication.
  • The Circular Artefact Working Group (DVD aspect) will comprise of: Basia, Neil, Marsha, Cinzia, Scott, Method
  • There's discussion around the problems of using a "master" narrative to document Parade. Basia suggests we might have several short clips/films that sit next to one another. Perhaps there are themes?
  • Marsha is having proprietary feelings about the moving images and will think more about this before she surrenders them to the group. Why is this bothering her? What does it make her feel uncomfortable? She'll spend some time unpicking these emotions...
  • Should the DVD be like a CDROM? (see above for comments about a "loose" archive)
  • The Rectangular Artefact Working Group (print aspect) will comprise of: Neil, Ken (Ken to contribute something on the development of the structure), Michaela, Cinzia, Marsha, Scott, Method

Editorial Help

  • We agree we need both a copy editor and a proof reader
  • Michaela agrees to proof


  • Do we wish to contribute something to TINAG? We agree we wish to do this and will meet on the 27th after the meeting at the RCA to discuss this contribution. Does it need to be a barcamp?
  • CP will be contributing to Department 21's discussion at the RCA on the 27; Michaela will also be attending, but with FLAG
  • Marsha is wondering if we're going to contribute to Malgorzata Bochenska's "The Book of the Third Millennium"? Cinzia wonders about the basis for the project and says she'll invest her energies elsewhere.


  • When are we going to debrief Parade and continue the fascinating conversation we started when Kuba was here on May 24th?
  • Basia agrees to type up the notes from the barcamp
  • We're still waiting for "the book" from Ola and Mihow
  • We agree to begin by indexing all that we have, including all the images
  • Method will develop a template for how the digital files should be named.
  • Neil will buy two hard drives - ones for the moving image archive and the other for the print stuff
  • The Circular Artefact Working Group will meet on July 8th at 2:00 to discuss the digital aspect of the project - all the stuff should be aggregated by then.
  • The Rectangular Artefact Working Group will meet on July 15th at 4:00 to discuss taking the print publication forward
  • Marsha will send Method info on the Department 21 event
  • Marsha will write to TINAG about needing a little more time to organise CP's October contribution
  • Marsha will send out mailing lists so we all know who is on which group

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