PubliCamp Planning Session Tuesday 30th June 5-7: RFH

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Royal Festival Hall, 5-7
Metod, Neil, Ewelina, Cinzia, Marsha, Michaela
Chair: Michaela
Minutes: Marsha <br>

  • Report on Venice: Michaela talked about Xu Tan’s Keywords School

- What was the relationship between the words and the structure?
- Temporary school – interesting as a structure to be occupied
- Stripes look at Buren’s work
- The artist was there in his shorts looking relaxed
- Michaela's suggestion: We set up a school online related to vocab – “Public School”
- Marsha references Biran Jungen's approach to materials
AP: add Brian Jungen to the Wiki

  • Discussion of PubliCamp

- Michaela has rented a car for the day
- Attendance: It seems we all know two+ people who are coming; unfortunately, many others already have stuff on

  • Stuff:

- Bring food and drink to share - Blankets - Pillows, if you desire Michaela:
- Signage - and map of Kennington Park
- Flipcharts
- Pens
- Whiteboards – Neil and and Michaela
- Banner
- Water
- Drinks
- Cups – napkins, garbage bags
- Basics – Nuts, crisps
- Post-It notes
- String for the minutes clothesline
- Frisbee
- pegs for minutes clothesline
- Ewelina:
- A clock or a timer? Perhaps an hour glass?
- Ice cream and ice

  • Structure

- The Chartists “got up on something” – A horses’ cart - Do we need to get up on something?

  • Publicity

- Michaela to send through an email later in the week with an approximate place in the park – We can all forward these emails to our contacts

  • Participation and Contribution

- Cinzia to speak on strategies - Michaela observed different registers of discussion at Disclosures and asks: How was this achieved? -- Neil observed that Ian introduced the bar camp
-- He asked everyone present to give two key words
- Michaela asked Neil to talk about this at PubliCamp
-- Neil's description: Everyone who comes to a barcamp tries to crack the problem – In the process, they develop shared knowledge – Method likened barcamps to short-term think tank
- Cinzia's observation: some people just want to know what we want them to do – but this is tricky when it comes to self-organization…Provocation can be v. successful
- Marsha wonders: How will we make sense of all this after the fact? Perhaps the minute taker could be sensitive to certain trends: Neil mentioned themes, ideas, contexts, strategies …
- Marsha suggests hanging the minutes on a clothesline
- Cinzia will take charge of the whiteboard
-- She’ll collect people’s keywords
-- She’ll figure out how people
- Any chance of getting in touch with a local historian to hear more about why we’re in Kennington Park and not at Speaker’s Corner

  • In case of rain

- Bring an extra umbrella
- Arrive at 1:00 for a 2:00 start!

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