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The Public Body

On the 17th October, at the Nowy Wspanialy Świat (former Nowy Świat cafe), ul. Nowy Świat 63 Warsaw


In collaboration with Kuba, and the Free Slow University of Warsaw we are going to organize a barcamp around the idea of the Public Body. Which might include issues of

1. Bodies in public and the socialization of space: - how public space caters to some bodies and not others.

2. What kind of subjects/bodies/genders/races and ablilities are authorized to enact the public. And how?
3. What kind of groups are included / excluded from the Public - like the Vietnamese community in Warsaw, and the (general) invisibility of disability.

4. What infrastructures - utilities / institutions / technologies / knowledges - are necessary to facilitate a public body

We are thinking of a suitable, bus station, swimming pool......

description for Kuba:

Jointly facilitated by Critical Practice and Free/Slow University Warsaw, the Public Body BarCamp is an encounter open to anyone concerned with notions of being-in-public, and who wishes to explore ideas about the public body.

BarCamps are an international network of user generated unconferences — open, participatory, and often thrilling workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants.

They work like this: presentations are proposed in advance (see sign-up sheet below) or on on-the-day by attendees. We then try, live and on-site to build themed 'sessions' or groups of related presentations using white/flip boards. All attendees are encouraged to present and share their expertise. At the moment we are thinking of 10 minute presentations, with 10 minutes for questions/discussion. We try and keep lots of notes (live scribe and blogging) and everyone is encouraged to share information and experiences of the event, both live and after the fact, via blogging, photo sharing, social bookmarking, wiki-ing, twitter, etc.

The Public Body BarCamp aims to examine the relationships among bodies, knowledge, infrastructure, art, social practice and fields of action in public space.

Questions informing this event include:
What kinds of subjects/bodies/abilities are authorized to enact the public and how?
What kinds of groups are included/excluded from a particular public context and how is this justified?
What infrastructures and ideologies are necessary to facilitate a public body?
How can the public body be inhabited and activated?

About Critical Practice:
Critical Practice is a cluster of artists, researchers, academics and others that is hosted by Chelsea College of Art & Design, London. The group uses Open Organizational Guidelines to critically and collaboratively practice within art, the field of culture and organization.

Public Body Barcamp sign-up
person 01 **** ***** ********** *************** ****
person 02 Cinzia Cremona cinziacremona(at)googlemail(dot)com **** Critical Practice Naked body, bare life and forms-of-life.
person 03 Neil Cummings neil type chanceprojects type com website Critical Practice The body and the commonwealth
person 04 ******* ******** ************* none *******************
person 05 Marsha Bradfield marshabradfield(at)gmail(dot)comb **** **** TBC
person 06 ****** forthcoming **** **** TBC
person 07 ******** tbc **** **** TBC


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What; Public Body Barcamp
When; 17th October
Where; Nowy Wspanialy Świat (former Nowy Świat cafe), ul. Nowy Świat 63 Warsaw

Draft CP Interview with Agata Pyzik for Free/Slow University Warsaw Publication