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INTRODUCTION: Collectively written by CP - Amy to ask Sissu and Eva if they'd like to coordinate

PART 1: Happy Birthday - CP - overview of of collaboration culminating in market: MARSHA (perhaps done in time for Market - so that’s what we hand out) MARSHA
Deadline end of September

• Marsha’s proposal: Survey of CP’s practice on the occasion of its anniversary - tracing treads over the course of the last decade that have informed the market: ‘value and evaluation’ grows out of previous work on ‘being in public,’ ‘open source beyond software’ and ‘critical/creative forms of self-organisation’.

PART 2: Contextualising #TransActing: SISSU/MARSHA
Commissioned Texts - Emily, Stephen, Cinzia (care and other values that aren't usually valued) and Amy to discuss with Sissu and Eva

• Beyond CP’s practice via a series of five or so commissioned texts. Short on word count but big in insight, they could explore interconnected issues that have been identified by the PWG: the histories of markets and other structures of exchange; generosity, trust, reciprocity and additional social values; a cross-cultural glossary of evaluation; trends in arts funding and its consequences for cultural production, etc.

PART 3: Producing the Market (recalls a similar section in the PARADE publication) AMY?
Deadline Amy to start on 1st of November - coordinate with Metod to design - Marsh to write to Andreas about contributing a short text

  • A narrative of becoming told across archival artefacts: emails from CP’s mailing lists, (some) meeting agendas and minutes, planning documents, photographs/reflections of leadup events, etc. Perhaps a timeline identifying key turning points… Emphasis on tracing CP’s decision-making processes and contingencies that informed them, in keeping with CP’s commitment to transparency and accountability and interest in the conditions of our own possibility. (See (E)valuation Research - Timelined)...
  • Andrea's text? Could it relate specifically to Autoprogettazione and how it was taken up int he market? This would be a space where public works could articulate their invaluable contribution?

PART 4: Market as an event - 11 July 2015 METOD AND AMY (MAP) MARSHA (stall contributions - 300 words and an image?)
Deadline End of September.

PART 5: Rather than a conclusion, a ‘how-to create your own market’ (perhaps get this ready of 30th September) METOD
Deadline Confirm with Andreas/Method

  • Rough instructions and hard-won insights to encourage others in realising their own market--of values, ideas or some other concern. This could also foreground the market as a new--or at least underexploited--genre…

PART 6: Glossary - CINZIA We agree to meet online for an afternoon to try and workshop various terms. Deadline TBC

Do we need an afterward? Amy to ask Eva and Sissu if they think that we need this?

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