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Here's the link to the follow-up responses to Marsha's application.


These notes come from our January 29, 2014 meeting - the Research Working Group:

  • What about a screening? What about Metod film archive? Perhaps this could be screened in the Bread&Roses.
  • What about taking a forensic approach?
  • Do we want to make this research public? This would enable us to apply for public monies.
  • What about a more discursive format? A critical commentary? Perhaps everyone should have a pause and play button? Perhaps you have experts on the podium narrating it? How do we need to get the watching of visual content more discursive? Watching TV with their families - how do we activate the discursive - the meta critique
  • There are two issues - developing our understanding of evaluation OR we
  • There's a famous trial from the 1990s - green and red paddels...
  • No rotten tomatoes
  • Typology of formats - (1) twitter commentary; (2) screening group (discuss movie with no screening); (3) representations of evaluation; (4) stop/go - with critical commentary; (5) show a whole film and discuss it; (6) voice over; (7) cinematic presentations - Peter Flemming; (8) intimate screenings
  • 2-3 screening (?) Three/four screenings two weeks apart (?) -
  • Suggestion - April/May = screenings; June walk; July boat
  • What forms? What content/theme? We organized a value camp that was just for us?
  • We agree that we'll use our small budget to pay for the screening and then resource Chelsea for the walk/boat trip...


Marsha submitted a request for £900.00. The money comes from the Staff Fund. The result: it seeks to support both CP's spring season of screenings and a small body of research that concerns the impact of this staff money on the Cluster's economy/ecology.
Further to reading the funding application, CCW has a couple of questions and they need the answers by Monday, March 10th to make a decision.

(1) Where do we want to do the screenings and why is this location appropriate? What's the value? At the moment, we've identified Bread and Roses. Are there other venues that we'd prefer? They will need to be affordable.

Bread and Roses Amy Marsha's question: Given B&R's long and strong history of supporting trade unions in particular, could this be a good venue for a screening focused on labour and/or dissent? Could this be a good place to do the Twitter live-feed and/or the stop-heckle-play? A highly congenial atmosphere that is historically well suite for discussing the cinema at the intersection of labour and protest £80.00/evening - Amy may be able to secure space for free... Is there anyone in CP who would like to curate this? I've asked for 80.00 to hire the space but if we can get it gratis, great.
The Lexi Cinema Marsha 100% of The Lexi’s profits go towards improving the quality of life for the people of Lynedoch Village in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Every ticket, every membership you buy, every bowl of popcorn, every glass of wine and every event you hold at The Lexi goes towards benefiting the local residents.

I would like to invite Basia Lewanowska Cummings to curate a screening of Southern African films and/or films that relate to the distribution of value in (Southern) Africa. Some issues I'm thinking about: aid/AIDS; corruption; education; environmental calamity...

In addition to familiarising us with socio-cultural-politico-environmental issue connected to Southern Africa, the value of this screening resides in it benefiting the region that it explores. 130.00/hour all inclusive (down from 165/hour plus vat) x 2 = 360.00

100.00 honorarium = 460.00 all together

none - online/virtual and at Chelsea and/or someone's domestic space? Metod's Documentary Film Library

CP has discussed running a 'screening group' like a 'reading group' - Metod could curate a film or several short films and we all come together to discuss them...

We would be using/activating resources that Metod had previously aggregated and supporting his practice in the process, as he curates a program related to value/evaluation/valorisation

100.00 honorarium
None - this is about working with AIR - Katleen Vermeir and Ronny Heiremans Kuba These fascinating film-makers are well-placed to facilitate a project around value and cinema...what this would entail remains to be seen, but they're going to be in London over the next few months...so...do we want to approach them about doing a project?

Katleen Vermeir and Ronny Heiremans live and work in Brussels. In 2006 both artists initiated A.I.R (short for 'artist in residence'), a long-term collaborative practice that examines the dynamic relation between art, architecture and economy. This ongoing project defines their private habitat as an artwork, transforming the domestic space into a public realm. Working reflexively, the artists use their own home, a loft apartment in a post- industrial building in Brussels, as source material, producing representations of their domestic space through what they term “mediated extensions”. Different audiences will not experience the house/art work physically but through translations to formats such as lectures, exhibitions, radio interviews, websites and elaborate research-based video works. Their first major video project was The Good Life (2009), a meditation on the inextricable relationship between art, real estate, art institutions and the wider structure of the economy, harnessed today by the 'creative class'. In The Residence (2012) they focus on the artist as entrepreneur in a globalized society that qualifies economy as the only measure of things.

honorarium of 240.00 for both of them and 100.00 for Kuba for curating/presenting.


We spoke about... a typology of formats - (1) twitter commentary; (2) screening group (discuss movie without screening in the same way that when in reading groups, the idea is to come having already read the text); (3) representations of evaluation; (4) stop/go - with critical commentary; (5) show a whole film and discuss it; (6) voice over; (7) cinematic presentations - Peter Flemming; (8) intimate screenings
Thoughts - short proposals? (Perhaps 25 - 100 words)

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