Subject and Object

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From "Subject and Object" by Theodor Adorno in the Essential Frankfurt School Reader

Once radically separated from the object, the subject reduces it to its own measure; the subject swallows the object, forgetting how much it is an object itself. (p.499)

If speculation on the state of subject and object were permitted, neither entity would be conceivable in it; rather, the communication of what was distinguished. Not until then would the concept of communication, as an objective concept, come into its own. The present one is so infamous because the best there is, the potential for an agreement between people and things, is betrayed by an interchange between subjects according tot he requirements of subjective reason. In its proper place, even epistemology, the relationship between subject and object would lie in the realization of peace among men as well as between men and their Other. Peace is the state of distinctness without domination, with the distinct participating in each other. (pp. 499-500)

Mother as psychoanalytic subject

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