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March 2, 2010 - Chelsea in the Card Room <br> Return to Talks<br> Reading: Brick work - Barbara's poem included below<br> Keywords: the (literal) space between writing and making, meta knowledge, meta cognition<br> Visit the TWH? photo album

Barbara Zanditon's notes from the wiki - you can find the "original" source here

To Write How?' a forum for discussing writing<br> 2 and 9 March: ‘The choice between writing and making’ introduced by Barbara Zanditon

Here's my thoughts/take on my topic:<br>

  1. I'd really like it if you reply with what you think the topic means, what you'd like to address and any suggestions for reading we might do as this is not an area I have looked at in any academic way whatsoever (just am interested in).
  2. Below are my thoughts.
  3. I'm thinking about some action learning at the first session. By which I mean some doing/having fun and if action learning means something else I apologise for my lack of accuracy.

MY THOUGHTS:<br> When I wrote my topic down, I was thinking, literally, of the space between writing and making - what is that space - its shape - what takes place in it? Is this even an askable question?<br>

It is, of course, easier to talk about the choice between writing and making. To that end here are the things I think about when I think about these things:<br>

  • What happens when we write and what happens when we make? Or, how are writing and making different (philosophically, neurologically)(role of unconscious)?<br>
  • What is the function of language in making? To shape our thinking? To help us conceive and clarify? To edit and inform? So for example, thinking critically about one's making and/or the larger context of one's making versus the making itself.
  • How do we negotiate the interface between the modes of writing and making?
  • What is writing's purpose in a practice of making?
  • What is making in a practice based around writing?
  • There is something else which is practice which combines text and image. For example, concrete poetry, Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer, Laurence Weiner, Kandinsky's book of poems and woodcuts to say nothing of the wonderful worlds of advertising, the internet etc. How will/does the internet affect distinctions between writing and making?<br>

So much to consider, so little time! It seems germane to practices around the table in the card room that we stick to looking at what writing does/what making does and how/when we use each/what happens when the writing is the making and not writing. But I'm open to suggestions - see point 1 above.

Already I can see that this topic will bring up issues we have/will have tackled in previous sessions.

In the meanwhile, for your entertainment (I hope!), here's a short poem I wrote about language as making (which I think explains why I'm now trying to make rather than write).

Brick work

This thing that linguists call a phoneme,<br> it’s a unit of sound, a piece of meaning –<br> a building brick – simple until you start<br> to use it: then all hell breaks loose. The<br> trowel slips, the mortar will not stick,<br> meanings become as slippery as fish.<br> Take care. It is not safe to hear<br> a metaphor: an adjectival clause<br> may bring despair and, if metonymy<br> comes near, beware. Analogy<br> runs out: the bricks resist, not even<br> single sounds: it’s meaningless.<br>

Love and Joy as my friend Lesley likes to say. Barbara

Sound file form our cookie-decorating session

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