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I've added some notes/material from Jem's presentation - perhaps they should go on a 'notes'-type page and get distilled here. However, I do feel that what exists at present is prematurely contracted and needs explaining --Trevor 11:28, 25 June 2008 (UTC)

Scales of economy (Kuba/Hazel Henderson's cake) Price is said to reflect the cost of production but that price rarely penetrates beyond the 'surface cost' of bringing something to market. Whatever the mode of production the outcome draws upon an economy. The ethics of free culture suggest that the lineage of production is embodied in the product.

Goods and services require a market for exchange. What are the social values defined and reproduced by that market. Attend to what is consumed and produced through the actions of the organisation.

  • What is it that is being monetised?
  • What is it that sustains that economy?
  • What right do you have to draw upon that economy?
  • How does the specific objective affect that economy?

The value of Money What is it that is being bought or paid for / transformed into money?

The value of working together

Definitions of working together - what is it that is being produced

Trust - Social Capital - produced in common. The value of shared experience

Generosity - giving of oneself without the guarantee of a return

Motives/Values Common interest does not necessarily mean common values - understand what it is that is shared