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Thomas Hirschhorn: Doing Art Politically: What does it mean?
2009 Meredith Monk * Arts Writing Symposium at Whitechapel Gallery, June 18th - 19th, 2009 * Alison Knowles Workshop * Alexandra Wasikowska * Anita Ponton: Techno Phenomenology * Laureana Toledo - The Limit * Peter Osborne: 'To Each Present its Own Prehistory: The Fiction of the Contemporary' * Ewelina Warner: Polish Language and Culture Lesson * Clay Shirky: What's new since Here Comes Everybody * Jane and Louise Wilson: Artist Talk at the AA * Joanna Warsza Life-art projects in the ex-Communist National Stadium in Warsaw with some footnotes from a research in Georgia and Armenia * To Write How? 2009 - 2010
2010 TrAIN and Parade Lecture Series * Alexandra Wasikowska * PhD Masterclasses * Katy Deepwell: Learning Journals * Athanasios Velios: Online Thesis Development * Mary Anne Francis: In Search of the the art school * Margaret Hall: The Radio of the Future * Tomomi Adachi: Artist Talk * Speaking Out: The Spoken Word in Artistic Practice * Three Lectures on Aesthetics and the Art School * Discussion on Drawing: Angela Hodgson-Teall and Sarah-Jane Dougal * Finishers Course * Malcolm Quinn: What (Not) to Do in the Viva * Kuba Szreder: Archeologies of the Public: insights into the Polish public sphere * Joanna Rajkowska * TWH? Mary Anne Francis Discusses Authorship * New forms of Doctorate * Malcolm Quinn: Bentham and the Art School * TWH? Barbara Zanditon Discusses Making and Writing * Aaron McPeake: Spaces and Narrations Lecture * Zoe Mendelson: Show Not Tell* Mary Anne Francis: The Logic of Nonsense * Malcolm Quinn and Stephen Scrivener: Viva Workshops *

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