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The Terrace Project is the working title for Claire and friends' most recent initiative. It began around the four potted plants that stayed on the terrace when ArtsCom moved out of the third floor of E Block at Chelsea and the Graduate School moved in. The existing plants were an olive tree, something with palm leaves, an evergreen with red berries and a short tree with maroon leaves. There was also planter of dead grass.

This horticultural enterprise will cultivate CCW's research culture through growing a green and nourishing micro-environment on the third floor of E-Block. Most of our plants are donated and our gardening equipment is re-purposed office and kitchen supplies (in/out trays, bins, chop sticks, etc.). So far the mint has been used to make tea, and we are hoping to dry and preserve the chillies. Our approach is hardly scientific and we are learning as we go.

Terraces chillies 1.jpg
16 July 2013: The chillies start to sprout.

Terraces west view.JPG
22 July 2013: This isn't exactly a 'before' photo of Terrace A but it's still early days.

Mint plant 2013 08 22.JPG
22 August 2013: Mint is added to the garden. I'm told it grows like an enthusiastic weed without much preference about its environment. Sounds like my speed.

September-November 2013: The pathetic excuse for the lack of documentation of the garden is that the Graduate School camera went on extended leave in September, never to return. It was replaced in November. The more robust excuse is that I became involved in the REF for these three months and did not have time to photograph the garden. Not much better as excuses go.

Outdoor plants 2013 12 03.JPG
3 December 2013: These are the plants staying outside for the winter. Lavender (second from the bottom) joined the garden in September during the absence of the camera.

Chilli plant 2013 12 03.JPG
3 December 2013: There is fruit on the chilli plant! Two chillies so far!

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Terraces chilies 2.jpg
22 July 2013: Positive chilli growth! A sad attempt at pea shoots on the left.

Terraces east view.jpg
22 July 2013: A west-ish view of Terrace A.

Chilli plant 2013 08 29.JPG
29 August 2013: The chillies are impressively tall and a hearty weed has come up next to them on the left. I like the look of it.

Indoor plants 2013 12 03.JPG
3 December 2013: The mint and the chillies (with the addition of the new yellow ones Laura (Graduate School Senior Administrator) donated from Harry the greengrocer in Camberwell) joined the geranium inside for the winter.

Orange plant 2014 01 10.JPG
10 January 2014: This plant with inedible orange berries arrived at the same time as the yellow chillies.