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Thinking Through Practice is co-ordinated by Isobel Bowditch and Andrew Chesher.

The project has had an evolving working group over the last two years including, at various times:
Sophie Arditi, Marsha Bradfield, Teresa Carpenter, Neil Cummings, Katrine Hjelde, Carlos Monleon, Amy O'Neill, Lawrence O'Sullivan, Rory Pilgrim, Matthew Robinson, Michaela Ross, Beatrice Schulz, Damian Taylor, Manuela Zechner.

Thinking Through Practice explores manifestions of philosophical thinking beyond the academic text: Can aesthetic practice successfully address philosophical issues or successfully deliver a mode of philosophical investigation? We have set out to identify and investigate practices where the aesthetic and the philosophical are symbiotically related. To date we have been involved in organising events and discussion forums. This year (Summer 2008) we are presenting two symposia: 'Between Categories' and 'Breaking Voices'.

There is a congenial relationship between TTP and CP which is fluid and informal. TTP is funded as a project in its own right by Chelsea College of Art. Some of those involved in TTP are also involved in CP, others have been exclusively involved in TTP. Some members of Critical Practice have been active participants in the organisation of two TTP events - 'N for Negri' (Carles Guerra and Neil Cummings) and 'The Other Within Me: The Practice of Deconstruction' (Peter Zeillinger).

We are currently developing our dedicated sister site at . All events are documented and the documentation is currently being edited and uploaded onto the site. You can sign up to the TTP mailing list there.

Currently it is not a wiki site but mainly a resource. We are hoping to build up the functionality of the site in the near future.

An archive of the project and its development is on our old wiki

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