Towards a Web 2.0 Sensibility

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While my research considers online/offline subjectivity and self-representation at the level of collaborative expression as art, the project’s online aspect remains underdeveloped. A combination of ethical considerations and offline opportunities, namely working with Future Reflections, helps to explain this imbalance. Added to this, I have come to recognize that working online requires a different albeit related sensibility to working offline. Cultivating this sensibility as an emergent and experimental practice is a key constituent of my research. Included here are several methods through which I will facilitate the online component of my work. Informing these methods is Sherry Turkle’s work on online subjectivity and Dona Haraway’s elaboration of cyberfeminism. Critical Practice’s wiki has also influenced my approach. As a gravitational core for the cluster’s collective making and shared resources, it serves as a space for both creating and disseminating the work.

The context of my Web 2.0 sensibility requires some clarification. While my engagement with these tools is shaped by my practice-led and subjective art research, millions of other practitioners also use the technologies involved in this approach. Consequently, my Web 2.0 sensibility resonates both in relation to my art and life practice and the theory and practice of the World Wide Web.

  1. Concentrate on using blogs, wikis and social networking sites as well as their specific tools, like messaging, comments and searching functions:
  2. Practice self-dispersal by way of distributed presence:
  3. Calibrate the timber of your online voice in response to context and target audience.
  4. Cultivate both strong and weak collaborative ties:
  5. Friend:
  6. Compare and contrast interactive patterns as you engage/collaborate on and offline:
  7. Follow trends:
  8. Create shared resources:
  9. Build reputations:
  10. Participate in linky love:

(elaboration of these sensibilities forthcoming)

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