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Below is my poster for #TransActing. I'd been talking tarps with Andreas and Francis and then Andreas sent out an invitation for an upcoming public works' event (right). That got me thinking about stripes. My initial plan was just riso-printed stripes on matte paper (see drafts to the right). I thought maybe some play with the patterns would work, as I once produced a good PV invitation featuring a moiré. But when I discussed with my designer friend that there was an interest in featuring stalls, she came back with this option, which combines spatial illusion with architectural form.

It occurs to me that although she didn't see Metod's first proposal, there are similarities.

Unfortunately, we couldn't use the exact same blue because riso colours are limited. This final draft is a bit misleading because the two blues will be the same in the hard copy. Metod's chosen font was used in an attempt to create overlap between the different expressions of the publicity. The flyer will be similar to the poster but with a bit more text, the draft of which you can find here (scroll down).

Feedback welcome on both poster and flyer--especially if you see errors. It is my plan that they go to press on 25 June 2015

CP A3 poster FINAL MEDIUM2.jpg

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Flyer inspiration 150623 NO26-A3 poster-digital flyer.jpeg

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