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Critical Practice
Information for Stallholders
# Transacting. A Market of Values

1. Time/Date/Place: 12.00 - 5 pm. on 11th of July of 2015 at Chelsea College of Art and Design on the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground across from Tate Britain, 16 John Islip Street, London SW1P 4JU, United Kingdom. Come with everything you need at 10 am. Please be advised there is no on-site parking, and it is extremely limited in the surrounding streets. Public transport or bicycles are best :-).

2. Promotion for #TransActing: Please help make this a thriving event with a milling crowd. Personally invite friends and relatives and post on blogs and email lists. Like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Send email flyers and distribute hardcopy ones (available Thursday 2 July). Please use the hashtag #TransActing on social media so we can trace the reach of our promotion.

3. Help us promote your stall/project: If you have not done so already, please send along a 100-word description of your stall that explains the types of transactions and values you are working with. Three relevant images will also help us promote your stall on social media. Many thanks to all those who have already sent these things along.

4. Technical considerations: Because #Transacting is an open-air market, multimedia and digital presentations on screens won't show well. Go analogue! Engage in face to face exchanges!

If you need access to electricity or any other resources, please communicate this in advance to your Critical Practice contact.

5. Weather: We'll be transacting come rain or shine. Most stalls will have tarpaulins to provide shelter. But carry an umbrella as well to keep away the rain and create pop-up shade. Bring sunscreen and water, too.

6. Speakers' corner: Want to make a speech about value? Standard slots are 15 mins but longer and shorter speeches are welcome. This activity will be PowerPoint-free; bring props and handouts instead. Please be in touch with your Critical Practice contact to schedule your talk.

Please invite others who don't have stalls but have something to say about value to transact with the milling crowd through the speakers' corner.

7. Storage: As our lockable storage is limited, stallholders are encouraged to bring most of their materials on the 11th of July. If you need to leave stuff in advance, and/or are having deliveries made to the Chelsea, please make arrangements with your Critical Practice contact.

8. Building the Market: Critical Practice is collaborating with the art/architectural collective public works to create the Market's stalls. We will build from recycled materials, following a functional and beautiful design of Enzo Mari, from 1974. But we need your help to produce your stall. Please come between 3rd and 10th of July and join us for the build. It will be a great opportunity to not only construct but also customise your stall according to your desire. Don't worry if you are not technically skilled. It will be fun. The process will be facilitated so that everyone can meaningfully participate.

9. At the end of the event:Please take your rubbish/recycling to the onsite facilities. We'd also appreciate help with dismantling the Market and cleaning up afterwards. Take all your personal possessions away at the end of the day. If you need to leave anything at Chelsea for collection after the event,please make arrangements with your Critical Practice contact.

10. Upcycling the stalls: We aim to transform the markets' stalls into functional furniture or ensure their afterlife in some other form. Would you like to keep your stall? Please let us know if this would be of interest. FYI you'll have to provide your own transport.

11. Contribution to the catalogue: Stallholder are requested to contribute to our legacy publication. Catalogue entries should include no more than 300 words summarizing your experiences at the Market with a selection of three to five images. (We'll likely choose one.) Please focus on the types of transactions and values explored in your stall. Kindly send to

12. Payment: See the invoice accompanying this pack. The agreed honorarium will be paid after the Market, upon receiving your contribution to the catalogue. We will be collecting these from 12th July onwards. Payment should be relatively fast, within a week of agreeing your contribution.

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