TransActing Publication Meeting Minutes: 3 March 2015

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Location: Sofaville - 3rd Floor of E-Block, Chelsea College of Arts
Time: 5 - 7pm
Present: Eva, Sissu, Amy and Marsha

  • We're getting hung up on the 'academic publication' criteria. Perhaps offer a peer-reviewed essay for a journal instead?
  • We talk about contacting Ra Ra and Minor Compositions
  • We talk about how to write the proposal but this isn't really resolved
  • We talk about previous conversations with Critical Practice - documentation of the process leading up to Parade, for example. Another one is a research-led section thinking about markets - systems of exchange and then documentation of the event itself.
  • Second part: What makes a market a market? Not something else... We don't want 'the market' to become too generic a thing! So the idea is to really drill and focus on one thing. Looking into the historical/conceptual line. Thinking about a diagram or glossary. If people were interested in pursuing that, could we make it an open thing and anyone in Critical Practice could contribute.

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