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Unnamed Collaboration (UC) was initiated by Pierre d'Alancaisez in London, UK in the summer of 2008. There were eight artists involved: three pairs and d’Alancaisez, who, until April of 2009, understood his role as primarily administrative. (This is further discussed below.)

While each of the pairs explored specific issues and approaches, together the group considered the following questions (articulated in the call for interest distributed through Critical Network, among other channels):

Can two artists produce a truly balanced collaborative work? What dynamics exist between the individuals? How about three, four... ten artists working on a single piece?

Initially, I was paired with Josh Love. We worked (perhaps too) well together for six months (September 2008 to March 2009), meeting periodically at the ICA to discuss our contribution to UC. Our collaboration simultaneously contracted and expanded in February 2009 when we invited Pierre d'Alancaisez to work with us as an artist-curator-collaborator. The three of us produced a tri-part project exploring a moment of rupture in our working relationship. You can learn more by following this link.

Following Show One at Waterside Project Space, I was paired with Tanya Cottingham. Our two months of work culminated in a quirky piece about toenails clipping(s) for Show Two on May 31, 2009. (More on this to come.)

(Un)fortunately, Pierre left UC at the end of the second exhibition/critique. It was no longer worth his time and effort to facilitate the project. Though sad, his exodus was not surprising. There was ongoing dissent over the project's aims and objectives, definition(s) of "good art", self-organization and conduct, and so on. I believe Josh and Phil have also departed.

Good vibes to everyone involved in this fraught but fascinating initiative; love and peace to those who regrouped and met early July, 2009 as 94%. Sadly, the group only met twice...

Summary of Meetings

Collaboratively Produced Invitation for Show One

July 21, 2008 Responded to call for collaborators - from Pierre and Phil
August 1, 2008 Pierre starts posting on a wiki (?) - but this space never takes off...
August 11, 2008 Monopoly game - courtesy of Tanya - this is conceived as a "starter" event to get the project rolling. Didn't attend; out of town.
September 28 2008 Meeting 1: Waterside Project Space - I'm paired with Josh Love
October 8, 2010 Josh Love and I see Dirty Dancing before we meet to discuss working together
October 30, 2008 Meeting with Josh at the opening of GKS contemporary
November 2, 2008 Meeting 2: Time for Tea - Josh and I do a "performance"
November 24, 2008 Meeting with Josh Love

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Envelope from Tanya Cottingham
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Shadow drawing in Brompton Cemetery