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I have been a member of CP since 2007, although I am not as active as I was at the beginning as I moved out of London inSeptember 2012. I am now course leader for the MA Contemporary Art and Professional Practice at the Colchester School of Art.

I am an artist and researcher working mainly with video, but also performance, photography and digital media in relational, collaborative and participatory ways. My intimate video performances focus on personal relationships and social interactions, and form the core of a practice-based PhD at the University of Westminster with the title Intimations: relationality and videoperformance to be completed in 2014. My photographic and moving image work has been exhibited internationally.

I have also been co-curating the annual moving image exhibition Visions in the Nunnery at the Nunnery Gallery, London with Tessa Garland (we decided to take a break in 2011 and we have not gone back). Based on an international open submission, this project has included performance events and conferences, and has paired works by known artists like Michael Nyman, Franko B, Karen Knorr and Alan Smith with those of emerging makers and students. Neil Cummings, Robin Bhattacharya, Corrado Morgana and other CP members were involved at different times.

Between 2010 and 2011 I spent a year working as an Associate Artist with firstsite, which employs a number of artists to develop strategies of participation. It was quite complementary to what I been doing and learning with CP ...

I don't have a website, but some of my work can be seen on the Perpetual Art Machine (it needs updating ...)

Link to my research profile coming soon.


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