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DATE Wednesday 4th May 2016
LOCATION Lounge, 9.30am, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank

THOSE PRESENT:Marsha, Cinzia, Amy, Eva, Metod (on skype)


To discuss: Deadlines, who is doing what, and generally check in
Discussed: We are almost ready to sign the contract for the Transacting publication with Intellect (before end of May). To get the money still outstanding from ACE (final £1500) the publication has to be done first, but, hopefully, they can be a little flexible. Kuba has been payed to write the report.

The book will be published June 2017 (peer review needs time) IF all material is in by end of June

Metod can't do any design until the text has been peer reviewed.
Action: Kuba to submit report


To discuss: Content and responsibilities

Title: we need to conside words in the title that help to hit Google search.

Possible Titles: A non-commercial market as practice-based research: experiments in Transacting Values

A non-commercial market of art, design and architecture research: experiments in Transacting Values

Diy market design: experiment in transacting

Non-commercial practices in market assembly: Transacting Values

Forward by Malcom 500 words

General intro by CP: 1000 ... Use press release? If we have a list of what we need to cover, could we do exquisite corpse? We could try for a week a google doc (edit online!!! Do not save and re-upload) and roll quickly. Schedule: Mon 9th to Mon16th. I'll start so something is there for people to start. Amy will email people to see who wants to be involved. Marsha: book's rationale and final section. if it doesn't progress ... plan B starts Wed 18th: PUT PLAN A ON THE WIKI and ... something will happen!

Intro to Commissioned texts:M and Sissu to write intro together, but S not free til June

10 years of cp: M done by 20th May

Minor Compositions: different, but ok. Amy and Eva's Shelter and Platform: experimental. Almost ready. Annotated conversation that brings in texts mentioned. Micro intro needed. Design will be important. Email format? Script? Texts almost as images?

Glossary: enough collective input - now Cinzia should get on with it.

3000 DIY Metod to drive. Acknowledge Depford market (ask for contribution from them). Steps ... and then we took it elsewhere

Actions (in no particular order):

Marsha to liaise with Malcom

C to finish Glossary by 1st June

Marsha to Get a date from Kuba for artistic economies

Marsha to asks V and Andrea if they have included intro in their Dialogue on Value

Amy to start research project narrative. Will converge on timeline. Marsha will help.

Marsha to edit/review stall holder texts

Marsha to ask Angela and or Clare to write intro to stall holders texts.

All ... Check in weekly


To discuss: Pages, images, format, etc ...

From the publisher:

The fold-outs add around £200.00 to the print price.

The printers did quote based on sections – while their quote for 64 pages of colour was for 64 pages of colour, the one for 88 pages of colour allows for 96 pages of colour and the one for 112 allows for 128 pages of colour. The price remains the same whether you use all 128 pages, for example, or only 112 – because colour is printed in sections.

Spec as follows:

230x170mm portrait 256pp + 4pp cover Text: 115gsm silk paper Cover: 300gsm silk board. Matt laminated. Fold, gather and notch bind with 4pp cover and trim to size.


no foldout

96 pages of colour
Action: Marsha to ask for confirmation of number of pages (It was supposed to be 300, now it seems to down to 256. All the rest, confirmed with Metod.

Any Other Business:

To discuss: next meeting
Action: Fri 3rd June, possibly stretching into the weekend

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