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DATE Tuesday 18th March 2015
LOCATION Lounge, sofas, 3.30pm till 5.30pm, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank

Present are: Neil, Angela, Marsha, Neil, and Sissu, then Amy
Apologies: from Claire, Karem and Eva
Appoint chair Neil F
Appoint Minute Taker Neil C


To discuss: Suggested way to start meetings (Where do we store agendas and minutes on the WIKI?)

Here is the Housekeeping page, with the archive page for Minutes and Agendas

Item 2; NEWS

To discuss: What have we all done (go round)

Angela - has found that mobile blood banks no longer exist, or only for major supermarket carparks. But the organ donation people will provide a stall. this is great for gifts
Marsha - has contacted the RSPB - they need a letter, Marsha and Amy have started one. Its a letter of invite.
These minutes and the letter have migrated to Googledocs, while this is not bad, its a change in protocol. We think this is an exception.
Neil C - has done nothing (very busy), apologises
Neil F - has contacted John Teddy, he is keen to contact Thanasis and have some Ubuntu contact.
Metod - Fashion Designer and interactive designer (Mateo), and Daphne - Open Value.
Sissu - Minor Compositions and Andrea Philips, and the Book Exchange are in motion. Is still trying with the gallerist, and David Toop

Item 3; WHAT’S NEXT?

To discuss: Make a big list…. what are all the tasks to do? (for next time… timeline and who will do what) - Work through existing timeline and discuss holes...

There is a timeline called a Countdown to Transacting.
We discuss storage and repurposed stuff from the BA exhibitions (they proceed the #Transaction)
Neil starts a Transacting Stalls page, for the working group on stall making/assembling
Publication Working group will meet later this evening, they don’t know where...... or what time. Late
We look at the sunset coloured coutdown timeline, we look for lacuna
Documentation seems to be missing…..and the economy of the market
We agree to review Countdown to Transacting as homework.
People need to declare their commitments and interests.
We need to outsource our communications to Wendy

Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)?

We discuss

The colour options for TransAction Visual Identity

To discuss:' Can we always immediately email out date and time of next meeting to CP email?

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