28th June, 2012 - Meeting Agenda

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DATE June 28, 2012
LOCATION Royal Festival Hall (?) at 6:00 (?)

Appoint chair

Appoint Minute Taker

Item 1: to embed or not to embed the google calendar

To discuss: Here's what Ben wrote in a recent email (June 14th,2012) :

In terms of the Google Calendar - the reason it can't be embedded at the moment is - by default html embedding is disabled on mediawiki. This is so that spam bots can't post even more harmful scripts than just your usual links (malicious embedding of redirects to malware for example). This block on html can be switched off easily - but there are security implications. At the moment this should be fine because account signup isn't automatic so you should be pretty safe but it's worth keeping the security issues in mind.

Marsha holds the view that we should embed the calendar and deal with spam bots when the time comes. Ben is all over the wiki's security and so it should be okay. Thoughts?

Item 2: Approving Ben's fees

To discuss: Ben's fees:

Also I'm very late getting back to you on the costings for the upgrade of the wiki and the potential workshop. I was thinking of £125 for the work completed on the wiki upgrade and £100 for the workshop. How does that sound?

Marsha would approve without hesitation. Seems very, very reasonable.

Item 3: Graz

To discuss: The Exchange - The Truth is Concrete Who is going to Graz and writing the final proposal.

Who is the coordinator? Is it Neil? YES
Marsha has created a wiki page for the project here.

Item 4: June Teaser now postponed to September. for "The Brokers: People, Spaces and Values" test

To discuss: When is this happening?

Marsha has writing to Jack regarding this availability on the September 8th. How is this date looking for the other brokers?

Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)

To discuss: Future meetings, practices and processes

here are the the meeting minutes

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