Agenda for the 19th November 2012

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DATE Monday 19th November 2012
LOCATION Room 305, E block, 5.30pm till 8pm, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank

Appoint chair:
Appoint Minute Taker:

Item 1: Evaluation of Spaces of Values

Item 2: Future development of our research in Value

Item 3: New UAL post-doc post devoted to the development of CP

  • Details of application process and the post
  • Implications for CP
  • CP's stance

Item 4: Lessons for the future from CP, HMKV and UAL partnership and failed EU application

Item 5: Brief about SSW plans

Item 6: AOB

  • Dotmaker Tours: A Rubbish Trip: Marsha met Rosie Oliver through Hayley Newman. Rosie is a lawyer who is developing a company that does walks around London (i.e. 'Chimneys and Tunnels Along the River'). Anyway, Marsha wanted to lodge Rosie as a resource while also taking an enthusiasm reading around WASTE as a focus for CP's work around values. How amazing would it be to work with Superflex on some kind of mega project around waste?! What a great way to network other groups at the UAL, including David's research around resilience.