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Aims are broad statements of aspiration
Our aims are currently under revision, please feel free to revise them.
We hope to achieve our aims by delivering our objectives

Critical Pratice aims to:

Aim 1

We will explore the field of cultural production as a site of resistance to the logic, power and values of the ideology of a competitive market. (Our political economy) Aim 1: appendix

Aim 2

We will reflect critically upon, and act creatively within the contexts in which we operate - including the very conditions of our own possibility. (Our critique of form) Aim 2: appendix

Aim 3

We will work as an open, collaborative and reflexive social network, while actively seeking to engage with others. (our method of research production) Aim 3: appendix

Aim 4

We aim to ensure that the impact of our research is in inverse proportion to the energy consumed in producing it. (Our ethos of production) Aim 4: appendix

Aim 5

We will return publicly funded research to the public domain. (Our ethos for dissemination) Aim 5: appendix

Aim 6

We intend to engage Critical Practice with Chelsea College of Art and Design, and sustain its presence as a supportive infrastructure. Aim 6: appendix

Mr Solo sings Critical Practice's Aims and Objectives to the tune of the Bauhaus Work Song........sensational. With Mr. Solo's help some Critical Practitioners also wrote a Critical Practice song.

take a look at our SMART objectives