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coordinator: Neil Cummings
Working group: Marsha Bradfield, Mary Anne Francis, Manuela Zechner, Michaela Ross, Cinzia Cremona and Robin Bhattacharya

We are in discussion with Emily Pethick of Casco: Office for Art Design and Theory, Utrecht about a series of events in 2007-08 around technology, creative practice and education. Emily's article Degree Zero presents a connection between the technology of self-organizing systems and the field of Cybernetics embodied by Roy Ascott and the 1972 ICA exhibition Cybernetic Serendipity.

In keeping with the key concepts ‘feedback’ and ‘participation’ we hope to reconnect with the ICA. As a prompt for thinking more widely about how artists interact with technology we plan to invite 4 key historical personnel involved in Cybernetics (and art) e.g. Jasia Reichardt, Gustav Metzger, Roy Ascott and for a historical perspective Charlie Gere to speak at Cheslea in the academic year 2007–8.

Some useful references

Stygmergic systems - beehives are an example of this
Lyotard's exhibition - Les Immateriaux
Electronic Art and Technology - ETA

Dr Wayne Clements presented a paper at re:place 2007 the Second International Conference on the Histories of Media, Art, Science and Technology in Berlin, Nov.07.

‘The argument advanced in this new paper is that the use of computers in art and new media shares a common lineage with commercial and military initiatives and these are significantly associated with a locus in Cambridge and its groups of academics, researchers and theorists. These strands are brought together in the theoretical edifice of Conversation Theory as a significant element of second order Cybernetics.’

Degree Zero, Frieze, September, 2006 pp 148–9
Ascott, R. (2003) Telematic Embrace: Visionary Theories of Art, Technology, and Consciousness
Reichardt, J. (Ed.) (1968) Cybernetic Serendipity: the computer and the arts, a Studio International special issue. London, Studio International. (copy in the research office)
Reichardt, J. (Ed.) (1971) Cybernetics, art and ideas, London, Studio Vista.
Roy Ascott
media art theory
Digital Aesthetics
A CC review of Digital Aesthetic 2 conference and exhibition

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organizational meetings

19 March 2008 at 7pm
The ICA in London are celebrating 60 years of joy, with a panel discussion around Cybernetic Serendipity with Jasia Reichardt, chaired by Dr Charlie Gere.

We decided to wait till after this event before seeing how we want to procceed.

previous Working Group Minutes are archived on our old wiki