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Enthusiasm Index screening series titles

Screening 1: The Contemporary Art Bubble

Critical screening of The Great Art Bubble Friday 14th March, 6pm in room E305 Chelsea College of Arts,

91editmj6WL. SL1500 .jpg

On September 15th 2008, the day of the the collapse of Lehmans, the worst financial news since 1929, Damien Hirst sold over £60 million of his art, in an auction at Sotheby's that would total £111 million over two days. It was the peak of the contemporary art bubble - the greatest rise in the financial value of art in the history of the world. One art critic and film-maker was banned by Sotheby's and Hirst from attending this historic auction: Ben Lewis. Why? He had spent the whole of 2008 making a documentary investigating the reasons behind the booming contemporary art market, and they didn't like what he was finding out... Art critic and film-maker Ben Lewis spent all of 2008 investigating this contemporary art bubble in Europe, America and China and discovered a world of secretive deals, speculation, tax breaks and market manipulation that involved the whole art world - dealers, collectors, galleries, auction houses and even public museums. In the climax of the film, his discoveries lead him to play his own small secret part in the bursting of the contemporary art bubble. Includings interviews with leading dealers, gallerists, auction house specialists, artists and financial analysts. Shown at the Montreal Film Festival, Vancouver Film Festival, San Francisco Documentary Festival and Tel Aviv Art Film Festival.

The Great Contemporary Art Bubble

Screening 2: Textiles - Labour - Value Sat 24th May, 5.30pm - 8.30pm

Alt text

Screening the documentary The Women of Brukman (2007) about workers who took over the running of a suit factory when managers fled during financial crisis in Argentina. Workers began to self-organise, changing their lives forever.

During the screening we will activate evaluation by sewing our personal values onto an appliqued banner drawing on the tradition of trade union textiles. For more on banners, please go to a few banners for inspiration.

Beautiful Battersea and Wandsworth Trades Council banner at the pub!

The Bread and Roses is a perfect location for this activity since it is named after the Bread and Roses textile workers' strike which took place in Massachusetts in 1912, leading to landmark labour reforms.

We collaboratively generated content for a Textile, Labour and Value e-flyer.

Screening 3. MARSHA'S FLAT SCREENING (we need info and images)


Screening 4: SUNLIGHT: Cycling Labour Value 10th December at Open School East

DifScr Sunlight Design eFlyer.jpg
OSE logo.jpg

We collaborated with | Electric Pedals to set up a cycling cinema for our fourth screening in December 2014.

The Cinema harnesses the energy from 4- 6 adults pedalling bikes-on-stands-connected-to-generators to provide a cinematic performance for up to 150 people, allowing the audience the opportunity to be part of the entertainment as they power the screening. Electric Pedals supply:

4x Bicycle Generators & cables
4x Bicycles
1x Field Cinema (built in 60W speaker and DVD player)
1x 300 lumen LED projector
1x 2.3meter wide ‘Fast Fold’ screen (we can use a 4meter wide screen if the space is really dark)
1x Vehicle Hire
1x Technical Staff

Plan so far is:

  • 5pm CP cycle from Chelsea to OSE to help | Electric Pedals set-up
  • 7.00pm screening
  • 9.00pm informal discussions with beer and bread, on labour, value and energy, moving image production and reception, technology, love, property and theft

We are aggregating SUNLIGHT flyer

Sunlight cinema in motion; photo Metod

Sunlight cinema in motion; photo Metod

Sunlight cinema in motion; photo Metod

Suggested By Film Title: Duration Reason for Choice Authors
Neil Der Lauf der Dinge (1987) 30 mins Materiality, energy, causality, art, humour, appropriation Fischli & Weiss
Sissu Ladri di biciclette Bicycle Thieves (1948) 93 mins Bicycles, love, tragedy, post-war labour, stealing Vittorio De Sica
Amy (actually we all mentioned it!) Belleville Rendez-vous [1] 77 mins (the bit where he is training?) Cycling, energy, Animation Michele Cauchetaux
Amy Powaqqatsi: Life in Transformation [2] (1988) 99 mins (just scene 1 is my suggestion) Energy, movement, environment Godfrey Reggio
Amy Muerte de un cyclista [3] (1955) 88 mins (could just show the famous opening scene) Class, bicycles, melodrama Juan Antonio Bardem
Sissu Jour de fête (1949) www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXhRPnh1JSU 1.44 mins Bicycle autoride Jaques Tati
Sissu Astro Boy / Mighty Atom (Tetsuwan Atomu ('52-'68)Extract Birth of Atom www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYSfncB4peU 5.28–7.09 Osamu Tezuka
Sissu Turn On (2004)momaps1.org/exhibitions/view/91 3:33 mins Unemployment, energy, labour, Adrian Paci
Sissu Fathom (2013) harvestfilms.ie/fathom 21 mins Sharon Whooley and Pat Collins
Sissu Lessons of Darkness (1992) 54 mins oil, energy, destruction, post-war, hell Werner Herzog
Sissu Phonokinetoscope (2001) vimeo.com/27192486 Cycling, LSD, movement, kinetophonograph, Rodney Graham

Sissu recommends Bicycle Machines by Gerald Raunig or read Neil's account of the screening

Screening 5 or 6?

There is still the option of having a screening at the Old Police Station. Perhaps thinking through systems of value and the law (see law film suggestions in table below)?

Also a 'twitter screening' has been suggesting to harvest opinion on the art market and artists' pay.

Let Amy know if there is enthusiasm for working on either of these ideas in the autumn.

Possible collaboration...

There might be a potential to collaborate with Strike! Magazine http://www.strikemag.org/ at the Old Police Station as they are based near by. This may take the form of the magazine being present and on sale, they help determine the voting system, or that they help select films etc...


Suggested By Film Title: Which Screening? Reason for Choice Excerpt (if applicable)
Amy The Women of Brukman Bread and Roses Link to B and Rs textile workers' strike, value of labour and values creating through work structures n/a
Marsha What Makes Art Valuable? Chelsea Art Market and auction system of valuating
Sissu The Draughtsmans' Contract Value and exchange explored through property and sensual pleasure
Sissu Breaking the Waves dysfunctions, failures, exchange, impossible exchange
Sissu Drawing Restraint 9 strange relation to whale hunting and body/skin
Sissu Ladri di Bicicletti
Sissu Phonokinetoscope (2001)
Amy The Trial Old Police Station Law and a removed, systematic creation of values
Amy 12 Angry Men Old Police Station Values/value placed on life and time
Catherine The Rebel Chelsea
Metod The Ascent of Money Old Police Station corporation, shares, bonds, bubbles, market, stock, financial crash, finance, fraud, legal robbery, emerging markets, financial instability, trade, market |fluctuation, neo-liberal doctrine, insurance
Metod The Corporation] Old Police Station Tags: corporations, corporate thinking, profit, power, debt, money, legal person, monetary power
Metod The Money Masters Old Police Station Tags: money, profit, banks, federal reserve, war creating, war sustaining, politics, debt, monetary power
Metod Empire of the City: The Ring of Power Old Police Station It is bordering on conspiracy theory but has some valid pints.

Tags: City of London, City of Vatican, City of Columbia, financial control, religion control, military control, the triad of power: religion, money, military|| ||

Metod 97% Owned Old Police Station Tags: money, how money is created, 97% money is digital, creating money out of nothing, economy, banks, finance, financial crisis, global economy, financial risks
Metod Us Now Chelsea Tags: alternative ways of organisation and governance, group action, gift economy, sharing, collectivism

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