Gaps in Market Agenda

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Gaps in Market Agenda

Basing on comments of other CP members and our discussion, we have recognised following value systems not enough represented in the current curatorial agenda of the Market:
- politics - art-related activism (platform, oil, cape farewell), political parties, political clubs in UAL / representatives of political parties, student activism (occupations, Hanna - ecoactivism)
- economists - mainstream economists, alternative economic systems / non-capitalocentric systems of barter / economic exchange (sharing economy, cloth swap, misfit economy, coach surfing - > meet ups, hospitality), artists cooperatives (Tatiana Baskakova), corporate social responsibility, accountancy / evaluation / trading (Dutch guy working for Guardian), corporate tax campaign, Robin Hood Tax campaign, time bank, volunteering, examples of alternative currencies, digital currencies
- religious values - religious groups (quakers, buddhists, hippies, spaghetti monster, atheists
- ethical values - ethics professors (Malcolm Quinn)
- law - Jack Tan, copy left, copyright, creative commons
- beauty industry (AVON, cosmetics, street market beauty parlour), fashion industry / make up artists / hairdresser conversation
- value of citizenship - migration (Trenton Oldfield), overseas students (student activism), minorities in museums / arts (TRAIN, David Dibosa)
- gender equality
- childcare activity
- labour / trade unions - PWB, trade unions at UAL, trade union of artists, Artists Union England, living wage
- anti-gentrification / space speculation (David Roberts, Look at the Estate You are In, Argent)
- alternative food outlets: recycling / local products / skipped food (Karem)

Activities planned

- update the wiki (Kuba)
- generate propositions of concrete stall holders
- Tuesday 16th of June meeting - summarise and ask CP to contribute
- Wednesday 17th of June morning - start inviting

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