July 3, 3013: Post-doc Management Meeting

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When: July 3, 2013: 09:30-11:00
Where: E-Block at Chelsea
Who: Neil, Marsha, Malcolm, Alisdair and Claire

  • Discussion around value and CP:
  • What's the value of CP? For the Cluster? For individual members? For Chelsea? For the UAL?
  • In what ways might CP model bleeding edge practice of relevance for CCW? The UAL? As these institutions reconfigure themselves going forward.
  • Discussion around resourcing
  • The Arts Council - in what ways is it relevant, or not?
  • How might we resource reflexively, so that this process is recognised as constitutive of our social reproduction.
  • Discussion around the post-doc remit
  • Networking communities of practice - 'the economy of creativity/practice' - at CCW and beyond. For example, CMC and the sustainability agenda.

More to come...

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