Knowledge in Progress: Spaces & Values: How God, Law and Landed Interests are Situated in EC2

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Jack Tan: Law

Three key ideas that Jack flagged in his tour on the law in EC2:

  • distances, proximity and processes - how near and far one is from things (the relations, for instance, between the Inns of Court and the court.
  • light and enlightenment (illuminated by the fantastic weather)
  • performativity - of social authority - speech acts - turning words into law

Other bits and pieces...

  • The value of the document and the file
  • something's 'file-ability' = constructing a reality for litigation = appropriateness
  • cause and effect evidence-based reality
  • legal systems: GB and Commonwealth: adversarial (the best argument wins) and French: inquisitorial (search for justice)
red-brick universities
  • Justice may be blind, but she's carried out in public = access to trials, the public bears witness to Justice done
  • being subject--subjected/subjugated--to authority - pomp, circumstance, ritual, antiquity (wigs n'robes) inspires confidence - habitus embodied
  • the prosperity of place: significance of convenience - firms, etc. grow so big because of where they're placed - near courts, near inns, near business = places of prosperity
  • Food - dining - dinners - with tutors = learning

Jack Tan at The Law Society

Inside one of the Inns of Court

Warwick Hawkins: God

  • Wren involved in building 58 churches while working on St Paul's
  • No stain glass
  • Cleaning - the cost of cleaning
  • Stairs stacked on top of each other - remove on stair and the whole thing crumbles - recalls difference between the baroque and the romantic
  • branding churches
  • Ecology of the churches - respective congregations and outreach
  • Related to the City Civic
  • Have to be very entrepreneurial
  • Engagement with surrounding structures (big business et al) = way into conversations around value and trust and the possibility of having influence - inclusion of the clergy not just cosmetic
  • Formal and informal conversations
  • Lordayor
  • Passing contacts and info up the chain
  • It's all smoozing. (This would make a fantastic pull-quote for our publication.)
  • CSR (corporate and social responsibility) program taking it to a new level
  • Law firms
  • The relationship between legal and the moral - China discussion
  • Clery as disinterested (recalls Kant's aesthetics)
  • Silver tarnishes so aluminum is used instead
  • Sustainable relationships
  • Disagreement success
  • Evaluation of what the community needs
  • The art of self-regulation
  • Resetting our nervous system
  • The value of availability = making the space available
  • Meditation group
  • A nervous year
  • the Give-away value of something
  • Prof Paul Gilbert

Warwick Hawkins and Revd Dr Alan McCormack at St Vedast-alias-Foster

St Ethelburga's

Owen Hatherly: Space

  • the city as an experiment in planning
  • lavish materials - marble and mosaic
  • Life-cycle on the estate: single/double person dwellings, family dwellings, retirement homes in the towers
  • Because the post-war consensus happened, it's possible to imagine similar building initiatives in future

Owen Hatherley at The Barbican

Owen Hatherley

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