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Our next meeting will be on 20th of February 2015. You can find the agenda here; it's @ 6:00. We'll be reviewing the curatorial pack, so please be sure to contribute in advance. We're also meeting on 26th of February 2015 for a kind of 'pitch' session, the idea being to share with the cluster who you want to invite and then receive feedback about your suggestions. There's the agenda for this meeting; please note the 5:30 start time. And finally, here are the minutes for our 9th February 2015 meeting.

Cluster; how we self describe
Sunlight cinema in motion; photo Metod
We celebrate our Monopoly hack, and play Utopoly



[Below left] SUNLIGHT part of our Differently Screening series, at Open School East on the 10th December,*was amazing*
[Bottom] Celebrating our second Monopoly hack, before playing the game, Utopoly


Critical Practice is a cluster of individual artists, designers, curators and other researchers, supported by Chelsea College of Art & Design, London. Through our Aims we intend to support critical practice within art, the field of culture and organization.

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We have a longstanding interest in public goods, spaces, services and knowledge, and a track record of producing original participatory events, like Parade an international series of events exploring the disagreeable, contentious, exhilarating, messy, efficient, live, improvisatory and provisional nature of Being in Public.

Critical Practice seeks to avoid the passive reproduction of art, and uncritical cultural production. Our research, projects, exhibitions, publications and funding, our very constitution and administration are legitimate subjects of critical enquiry. All art is organised, so we are trying to be sensitive to issues of governance. Governance emerges whenever there is a deliberate organisation of interactions between people, we are striving to be an 'open' organization, and to make all decisions, processes and production, accessible and transparent. We post all agendas, minutes, budget and decision-making processes online for public scrutiny.

The research elements pursued under the auspices of Critical Practice will engage with the various forces that are implicated in the making of art, and the increasingly devolved experience of art made available through art institutions to their audiences. We will explore new models for creative practice, and engage those models in appropriate public forums, both nationally and internationally; we envisage participation in exhibitions and the institutions of exhibition, seminar and unconferences, film, concert and other event programmes. We will work with archives and collections, publication, broadcast and other distributive media; while actively seeking to collaborate.

We are always in the process of defining our aims and objectives.

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Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 09.37.13.png
Playing on the format of a museum audio guide, The Darks audio tour invites visitors to navigate the area around Tate Britain, once the site of the infamous Millbank Prison. Find out more info by following this link.





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