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DATE Tuesday 5th of May 2015
LOCATION Sofaville, 5.30pm till 5:30 in E Block, Chelsea College of Arts, Millbank

Appoint chair:

Appoint Minute Taker: Minutes

Item 1: Reportbacks on action points from previous meeting

To discuss:
ACTION: Find out from workshops what they are thinking about storage of materials post degree show (Who was tasked with this?)
ACTION: Neil will speak to someone in Textiles Environment Design They are interested and thinking about it
ACTION: Amy to set up page on Wiki for the Andreas workshop - what do we want to think about? Here is the page. Public Works Workshop, 23rd May What's the deadline for populating? Are Marsha and Kuba happy to feedback to Andreas?
ACTION: Marsha/Claire to confirm they are still available
ACTION: Claire will speak to Wendy and Kelly about the Risk Assessment form.
ACTION: Marsha and Claire to Meet with Kelly Palmer - Marsha has scheduled a meeting with Kelly for 8th May at 2:00. She's putting together an agenda here. Suggestions welcome.

Other actions (above and beyond those identified in the last meeting.)
ACTION:Connecting with Ken and Colin: Marsha and Neil have made contact. They're waiting for an email. What's the next action?

Item 2: Outstanding Projects

To discuss: What projects remain outstanding? What are we going to table until #TransActing is over and what are we going to wrap?
Differently Screening series - What's outstanding?
Screening curated by Basia Lewandowska Cummings @ Common House but couldn't find the time/energy.
Metod's screening was scheduled for 7 February 2015 but never happened... We were talking about watching Everything is a Remix. Is this something we want to do in anticipation of the Market...or?
Banner of Values - What still needs to be done?
It would be good to get this tied off and maybe do a bit of debrief, no? Who is up for it and when? Is there news from Amy (in Venice) and Catherine (working on PhD) - Marsha emailed them early this morning
Any other projects?

Item 3: #TransActing Invite Letter

To discuss: Please find the letter here. What to do about fonts? In a nutshell, Roboto OTF font isn't a default font in Word, and so many of us will have to download onto our computer. (Metod has sent the font.) Marsha can't seem to make it work and others will likely have similar issues. What are our options? Could Metod walk us through the download process? Perhaps do it now? Or could we use Helvetica/Arial instead, as they're more universal? Marsha and Metod have been discussing this but given all the care and attention we've languished on our graphic identity, it could be one for the group.

Item 4: TransActing Open Call

To discuss: Marsha's draft of the TransActing Open Call. Let's read through it together and determine what's missing. Question about fonts and fields. Please note the deadline to sign off on this is 8th May 2015.

Item 5: Keeping track of TransActing Invitations/Confirmations

To discuss: Could we agree to fill in this table, as and when? Do we want to list people on our press?

Item 6: Using the Wiki to organise/promote Transacting

To discuss: In our last meeting we spoke briefly (though it's not obviously minuted) about redesigning the Wiki's homepage to make it more accessible for those unfamiliar with CP's shonky aesthetics. What is the next action on this?
Also, please link all #TransActing pages back to the Market of Values one

Item 7: Logos on/for #TransActing

To discuss: It is a condition of the ACE money that we use their logos on our publicity material. What other logos will we agree to use? What logos don't we agree to use?

Item 8: Press for TransActing|Press and Publicity for #TransActing]]

To discuss: publicising the event - If we don't invite people/spread the word, they won't come and the Market won't have a milling crowd. What publicity strategies have been the most effective in the past? Which ones aren't worth our time and attention? Also, we need good images for the publicity and flyers. Neil suggests the ones from Parade. Marsha thinks they're a bit tired and wonders if others don't have suggestions.What about social media?
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • And???
Also, we want people involved in the Market to invite friends, family, etc. How to facilitate this?

Item 9: Open Budget

To discuss: Marsha is pleased to announced that we've secured the first payment of ACE money - 13,500.00. Do we want to setup an open budget? Are we all up for using because otherwise, it won't work. If we're game, what are the protocols? Could Neil perhaps offer a refresher?

Item 10: Publication Working Group

To discuss: Report back on various threads and developments - also, getting something ready to distribute at the Market...Where are we with this?

Item 10: Any Other Business (AOB)



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