Meeting Agenda 2 June 2015

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DATE Tuesday 2nd June 2015
LOCATION Room AG07, 5 - 7pm, Sofaville, Top Floor E Block, Chelsea College of Arts, Millbank

Appoint Chair

Appoint Minute Taker

Item 1: Administration that's budgeted in the ACE bid

To discuss: £2000 assigned for Kuba to administer #Transacting

Item 2: Speakers Corner?

To discuss: Who wants to curate/organise our Speakers Corner

Item 3: Currency

To report: Progress of the currency

Item 4: Selection of stalls from the open call

To discuss: Open Call for #TransActing - reviewing submissions

Item 5: Food in the Market

To discuss: Review discussion related to food in the Market

Item 6: reflect on our working practices

To discuss: reflect on our working practices, especially as we feel pressured to produce the market

Item 7: Fees for Eva, Cinzia and Sissu

To discuss: finding money in the budget for other contributors...

Item 8: Any Other Business (AOB)


Meeting Minutes 2 June 2015

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