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On 23rd July 2014, Kuba and Marsha met Andreas Lang (of public works) to discuss the possibility of collaborating on the Market of Values. After taking victuals at CRATE Brewery, (located in the basement of the White Building, Hackney Wick, where Andreas and public works are located) we walked around the area, meditating on its evolution, including the impact that the Westfield/entertainment-related development will have on the local area. It was a good meeting--we're all keen. Perhaps the biggest question is capacity...What's feasible given our limited resources? Below is a rough capture of what was discussed:

  • LLDC's temporary use program - an informal way of occupying land - short-term, popup shops, etc.
  • There are several strands to public works' longterm 'residency' in Hackney Wick:
  • (1) Looking at Swan Wharf - it's been taken over by festival promoters - the Barbican occupies a floor through their Island Labs project. What role is the Trampery playing the area's redevelopment? = co-working space, cheap to produce, discourse = the language of startups. Some events are artist-led; others not - money at the core. Bean Group (drama) couldn't run her theatre program because she can't pay enough to receive priority when it comes to space. In what ways are economies of sharing between coopted as profit machines?
  • (2) Looking at Front Side Gardens (the skatepark) in Hackney Wick - the project's Google ad proved a badge of success. Curiously, it closed most of time. This encourages a culture of transgression - climbing the fence, etc.
  • (3) The White Building - where public works is located
  • Methods - working up thematics through interviewing people who use the space/area. Questions around who can mobilize temporary use? Who is involved? Who is going to profit? Looking at the connectivity between these issues.
  • There's a general push EAST - the Barbican, Albertopolis (RCA, V&A)
  • Lots of SESs in Hackney Wick - how to preserve sharing at the heart of this activity?
  • pw = working on its CIVIC UNIVERSITY project, which looks at local/indigenous knowledge. This initiative requires funding, which remains forthcoming
  • CP = Kuba and I discuss the Market, emphasizing it's performative dimension - there's discussion about the possibility of doing it in multiple places - perhaps at Chelsea, perhaps at Hackney Wick, perhaps somewhere else? This raises questions about capacity. Do we have the resources for this?
  • Could we understand the CIVIC UNIVERSITY PROJECT as part of the Market? Maybe an iteration of the project in HW could bring together local knowledge there and an iteration at Chelsea brought together local knowledge in the UAL...
  • It's worth knowing there used to be a market in HW - a former greyhound stadium played host to traders every Sunday. Connection: the market in the ex-Communist National Stadium in Warsaw

We walk around a bit, moving into Queen E Park and discuss:

  • River Lea is one of the most polluted rivers
  • the former Olympic buildings - the former Media Centre - to host Albertopolis - but still no windows. These will be added
  • [Eric Reynolds - interim use - grassroots commercial
  • What's happening to the Copper Box arena?
  • the road used to be full of wreckers...lots of car crushing...
  • Sweep down from Westfield - largest mall in the UK - consumption - entertainment
  • Curious park (it's Marsha's first time and she's struck by it's structuring structure - lot a lot of opportunity for transgression. This is confirmed by Byron Peterswho mentioned that he was recently asked by security to cease and desist making photos of ArcelorMittal Orbit as he was attracting suspicion.) Lots of security, manicured walkways - large enough to move crowds on match days. The stadium is now home to West Ham. We also encountered this adorable little park, sandwich between levels, complete with fruit. All the low hanging stuff is gone.

Upcoming: 20-21 September Art Moves [1]
The wonderful array of quirky vehicles will bring together artists from across Europe to discuss their portable practices and explore how mobile art projects have contributed to communities and regeneration schemes across the world. A free film and talks programme will compliment the event, screening famous artists’ films such as Mike Kelley’s Mobile Homestead which toured the United States, and a talk from internationally renowned art collective N55 from Copenhagen.


  • We agree to start thinking about an Arts Council Grant to make the project more feasible.
  • We agree that CP and Andreas will meet in September to discuss more.

Follow Skype Conversation between Marsha and Kuba on August 8 2014

  • The main thing to be decided - we need to get the definitive sense of our budget - How much money do we have total?
  • Before we apply, we need to know if ACE would be interested in funding it
  • Who is going to apply?
  • What are we going to apply for?
  • How is this going to be managed?
  • How much do we apply for?
  • What are the application dates?
  • Where is it going to be?
  • Could we meet with CP in the second week of September and then meet with Andreas in the third week of September?
  • Do we need a time plan?
  • How to think about the nuances of the ACE application? Will they feel as though Chelsea should be funding it? Would they feel that AHRC should be funding it? Is it a question of taking this beyond HE? It's always a negotiation between funding priorities and our own.

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Skate Park HW.jpg
[Frontside Gardens] Skatepark
IMG 2012.JPG
Kuba and Andreas discuss how the Olympics' former media centre will be repurposed
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the Copper Box Arena - Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park