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Minutes from the meeting on 30th
Chairing: Amy
Minutes: Kuba
Present: Amy, Angela, Cinzia, Metod, Neil F, Neil C, Helen, Li, Marsha, Kuba, Eva, Sissu, Karem sends apologies.

discussion about agenda

The agenda is as follows:
number 1 review of action points from last meeting
number 2 stall construction
number 3 catering
number 4 flyering and promotion
number 5 additional stalls
number 6 speakers corner
number 7 review budget situation
number 8 korean delegation
number 9 publication working group

Item 1 Reviewing of action points from previous meeting

1.1 we have to collate information about the needs of stall holders
- we need to cluster people who need electricity, wifi, etc.

ACTION: Marsha set up the page to collate information on stall requirements and everyone needs to put it on the wiki

1.2 DWG mandate
- there was a confusion after the last meeting, DWG hasn't pursued more stalls, but some people came to us
- main concern is number of stalls

ACTION: no real action, in case new stalls appear we need to ensure that there are not too many of them and that new stalls will add up to the diversifiaction and refer to the notion of value

1.3 eyehooks
- Neil sorted it out with the Estates

ACTION: Amy will bring the additional clips

1.4 wood is transported to the workshops
ACTION: Li and Neil makes sure it is cut

1.5 tool list
- it is already on the wiki placed by Karem (everybody clap and cheer)

1.6 scheduling of the volunteers to construct the market
- Neil suggests to start asking volunteers to come from Monday onwards
- Marsha: if it is possible to schedule, we should schedule people, as it might mobilise them to come
- Helen: people from ISD are willing to come, but not eager to make strict obligations, Ken also mobilised them
- Marsha: engage people early in the week, so they can spread the word
- Kuba: we should embrace chaos, within limits

ACTION: Kuba makes the schedule, available on the gdrive, there will be analogue version during the construction

1.7 first aid box and dog duty
ACTION: Angela will follow with both

1.8 Helen and her stall
- it is more a system of distribution, there is no definite content to distribute, will work in situ

ACTION: CP to contact stallholders with Helen - to use her stall for distributing information

1.9 upcycling the stalls
- inform people that if they want to take their stalls, they should make it on 12th and 13th
- on the other hand we want to be supportive, and stash them somewhere for people to take later
- discussion about auction, but no decisions taken
- 12th on Sunday - will be an up-cycling day
- we can put tables on the Freecycle, works out really well

ACTION: - Cinzia and Metod to design a flyer to advertise up-cycling / auction
- Eva will coordinate the upcycling

Item 2 stall construction coordination and planning

2.1 the construction
- the construction will start on Friday at 10 am
- we will use the mixture of recycled and ordered materials
- task for weekend - prepare the process / making templates
- Monday onwards - we will have schedules for volunteers to plug in

ACTION: we build

2.2 stall types
- we've two types of stalls suggested by Andreas
- stalls are planned to be easily repurposed

2.3 recycling wood
- workshops will cut a lot of wood into sections, will make our life much easier
- we need to process the recycled wood / make sure that screws are not there
- David has a special tool to make it easier

2.4 good gym
- Good Gym is a workout with social purpose
- they will come to use on 8th at 7 pm
- how can we use 15-20 people for 30 minutes?

ACTION: someone needs to be there, welcome people, coordinate it, document it. Neil is not there.

2.5 Covers / boards for stalls
- we have found a lot of material for tabletops, but they are flimsy and not resilient at all

ACTION: need to decide what about the sheets / covers for the stalls - shall we buy more planks to make them nicer?

2.5 signage
- we discuss how to proceed with signage, many different options:
- people do their signs on themselves
- laser cut on wood - ultra expensive and time taking
- we can cut stencils - but all the stalls have different names
- design and print the signage

ACTION: we take a double pathway: stallholders are welcome to make their own signs, but Metod will work on the signage system, based on the program information on the wiki

2.6 volunteers
- we need to make sure that there is always somebody responsible for welcoming volunteers and introducing them to working processes
- we will nominate such person everyday, so that there will be a person with clear responsibility

ACTION: Kuba makes the board.

2.7 cleaning and other tasks
- we need a list of the tasks related to tedious tasks: cleaning / cooking / documentation - we need to spread duties equally, self-nominate responsible person every day

ACTION: Amy makes the list of tasks on the wiki

2.8 documentation
- if you make photos - post them wherever you can, fb and twit them
- everyone who can collates photos

ACTION: after the market we will organize a photo-swap

2.9 feedback on the construction and organization of the 11th
- we need to discuss how to organize the 11th
- we need to list and divide tasks

ACTION: the next meeting will be on Monday 5 pm, Amy will collate the list of tasks

2.10 birthsday on 5th and on 9th
- Claire has a birthsday on 5th, she invites us for a cake (yippi!)
- BWG will prepare 9th as a general birthsday celebration
- we need tobe ready with construction as much as will be able to
- on 9th it will be rather a potluck, though Amy is keen to work on catering

ACTION: build and celebrate

ITEM 3 Catering

- we discuss how to organise food during construction
- Amy would be keen to make food on herself
- we do not want to exploit her good will and insist on the hybrid system
- everybody is supposed to bring their stuff and share with others

Action: we go for hybrid system: potluck but Amy supervises food budget (rather drinks and extra stuff) . She will collate invoices and invoice Marsha at the end.

ITEM 4 Programs, promotion, distributing flyers

- Metod will design a program with all the names, based on the wiki list
- he will check various options / prices, 1 or 2 colours, folds or unfolded, A2 or A3
- we discuss what is the function of the program?
- is it an information / a map?
- a souvenir?
- a guide?
- an index
- we have only 100 GBP in printing budget, we need to devote more
- general rule: we put stall names plus names of the authors
- how do we credit collectives? on the wiki - names of all members, on the flyer / program only names of collectives

- produce all the info on the wiki by Thursday evening
- Metod will help Marsha with information on the open call
- Metod will design
- Amy will also help with coordinating the index of stalls, check if anything is missing

4.1 Flyers and promotion
-- we have 1250 flyers, 500 needs to be left for Tate on the day
- everyone needs to distribute in their places: Neil in Shoreditch, Helen in SW, etc.
- wherever you think appropriate
- Gabriella will distribute flyers as well
- we need to flyer during the day of the Market, Marsha proposes to hire two students to make it
-VERY important: invite people personally !!!
- we decided that we can put 100 GBP into distributing flyers during the market
- Helen and Li will spread the word among students <Bbr> - Marsha will coordinate the team

ITEM 5: Additional stalls

John Teddy is in

ITEM 6: Speakers corner

- it is a speakers corner and not a conference, but we need to schedule and strongly moderate
- we give 15 minutes slots
- we start at 12.30
- there is 300 GBP for paying speakers who most need it 50 GBP per person
- we need to leave one in four slots empty, it leaves us with less than15 stalls

- schedule people and place their names and budget needs on the wiki
- we might need a scribe and a moderator (but does anyone read the notes? not really)
- Kuba will moderate but on himself, needs help, discuss it on Friday

ITEM 7: Budget review

- we have 2000 GBP contingency due to less expenditure on individual stalls
- we decide to spend part of it on:
- 100 GBP for flyers distribution
- 200 GBP for print of the program
- 300 for speakers corner

Item 8: Korean Delegation

- they will visit us during the construction week

Item 9 publication

ACTION: publication work group meeting is scheduled on Monday at 4 pm