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  • Souvenir Utopography: Evaluation, Consensus and Location publication
  • Critical screening of The Great Art Bubble Friday 14th March, 6pm in room E305 Chelsea College of Arts,
  • Our workshop with Stephen Wright on Usership
  • Contributions to our Utopography; Evaluation, Consensus and Location publication
  • Hedge our research events at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop
  • Insatiable symposium on the conflicted idea of ‘sustainable growth’
  • We made a proposal to Lion Television and The Culture Capital Exhange's Call For Ideas
  • We held a HUNT in London!
Convene at Prime Meridian, Longitude 0° Latitude 51° 28' 38 N. (the Main Gate)....... even if it rains
  • working on various curatorial HUNT's


  • Our past projects - before 2008 - are archived on our old wiki

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