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Question 1: From "Public Space" to "Public Domain" How did we get here and what's the diff?

The initial focus of this project was "public space". It's subsequently slipped/evolved to "(the) public domain". I get the impression there's a feeling amongst paraders that "the public domain" is an expansion of "public space". It includes the space of digital delivery, (online space, the space of telepresence) oral testimonies, nonverbal interaction, interpersonal space, etc. This appears to be supported by Neil's comments at the meeting on February 17, 2009.

Cinzia's minutes state the following: We discuss the focus of the project. We appear to be shifting from 'public space' to 'public domain', where issues of knowledge and physical space intersect and overlap.

But how do others understand CP's use of these terms? This seems a critical question given (a) our long and strong history of each elaborating shared concepts differently; and (b) our ongoing funding applications...which (really) should articulate our theme consistently. I'd be particularly interested in what sources paraders are basing their notions of "the public domain" upon. The brief reading I've done aligns it with IP, especially abstract materials free of copyright. Your thoughts? Thanks. (posted by Marsha on 15_03_09)

Public What? is a new space for brainstorming on the meaning of these terms.

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