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If you were part of CP but don't appear on this list, please add your name. Or we can do this for you. Please email criticalpracticeinfodatgmail.comb.
Mohammad Namazi
Alexander Page
Amy McDonnell
Amy O'Neill
Andrew Chesher
Beatrice Schulz
Carlos Monleon
Cinzia Cremona
Corrado Morgana
Damian Taylor
Darrel Stadlen
Eugenia Beirer
Joe Balfour
Katrine Hjelde
Ian Drysdale
Isobel Bowditch
Lawrence O'Sullivan
Manuela Zechner
Matthew Robinson
Marsha Bradfield
Mary Anne Francis
Mike Knowlden
Neal White
User:Neil Cummings
Wei-Ho Ng
Robert Dingle
Robin Bhattacharya
Rory Pilgrim
Tim O'Riley
Tom Neill
Tom Trevatt
Trevor Giles
Michaela Ross
Wayne Clements

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