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What was Ecoes?

In an attempt to understand this project both for Critical Practice and my PhD research, this page identifies some themes, issues and considerations that emerged over the course of Ecoes. To do this, I'll point to various Ecoes texts, all of which are located in the public domain. Not considered here are the group's email and skype discussions.

Critically, these reflections do not pretend to be a definitive account but are more accurately a kind of sketch through which I'm attempting to understand the various forces that make Ecoes what it is.

Aspects of Ecoes include:

  1. Discussion on the Ecoes wiki pages.
  2. Discussion in the Ecoes forum.
  3. Discussion in the working group's meeting minutes.
  4. Discussion in the forum at the Networks of Design conference.
  5. The interactive DVD we together produced.
  6. Visuals of Ecoes
  7. Discussion in the post-conference submission
  8. Reflection on An Aesthetics of Matters of Concern, a subsequent iteration of Ecoes produced by Jem and myself for the Art of Research conference at Chelsea, October 2008.

An abbreviated history of Ecoes:

Tracking the project's development: I initiated the project back in the spring of 2008 in a proposal for two stalls at the Market of Ideas:
(1) a video documentary of the mimes circulating in the Market:
(2) a cafe at this event.

This proposal morphed when two mergers took place:
(1) Jem Mackay came on board to document the Market. Jem circulated and interviewed various stall "owners".
(2) Mary Anne Francis and I decided to work together on developing the cafe.

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