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Roaming Discussion of 1916 with Neil Cummings
March 18, 2010 - Triangle Space, Chelsea College of Art and Design
In attendance: Neil Cummings, Kristen Lovelock, Scott Schwager, Maria Chritaforatou and Me

  • This "informal critique" was not structured like the classic "the artist doesn't talk" variety. (As, for instance, in [[Show Not Tell)
  • Remaining focused on one's "subject" - for example, Kristen's concern with co-habitation - should she or shouldn't she move in with her bodyfriend? That's the focus - the references to surrealism and holidays confused this focused - They may well have been a focus in their own right - it just wasn't Kristen's focus and it wasn't working in the service of her focus...
  • Lots of discussion around the frame of the gallery and the power of that frame - there's a tendency to:
  1. Make stuff that looks like art - for example, how Kristen hung her bathroom paintings - they went from being in a shelf to being in a gallery
  2. To indulge in creative installation - install works in a creative fashion - play artist during the installation process when instead it would be more useful just to be an installer - connects to making art aesthetic
  3. To insufficiently consider the power of the gallery - Maria's painting should have either been bigger or smaller - as it was, its domestic scale wasn't working...
  • Scott's seesaw provocative - fun and absurd...For Scott: interested in the balance of power. But as Neil observed, this seesaw was weighted in the middle and so this balance wasn't literalized in the artwork. And yet, I know I, for one, felt subconscious bout my own body (my weight) when riding the seesaw and so looked for people who where about my size to ride with...
  • Conversing while riding this seesaw...(playful) physical activity allowed/encouraged a different kind of engagement.

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