Roles and Responsibilities of Parade

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Following our February 2, 2010 meeting, we agreed to list the tasks involved in Parade so we can see what needs doing. Who might be responsible for what?!

Budget Coordination: Ewelina to organize the Polish side of the budget Chelsea budget? Notes:
Polish Coordination in general: Kuba to organize Polish folk Please report who is confirmed... Notes:
Chelsea Coordination Neil to liaise with Alan Graham and the Dean(s) Security and other? Notes:
Press Metod to design e-flyer Marsha to distribute press release - will send this to all so you can forward Notes
Physical structure: Ken, Ola and Michow (with the help of Ken's students) Thoughts? Notes:
Market of Ideas: All responsible for inviting and confirming contributors (Please use the wiki) - Marsha to faciliate and to create a proforma stall sheet to identify what, if any, special requirements stall minders Ken and students to help with physical structure (?) Notes:
Barcamps: All responsible for inviting and confirming contributors - Please disuade them from using PowerPoint - low tech is best Coordinator? Notes:
PowerPoint Karaoke: Please send PowerPoints to Marsha by May 14, 2010; All responsible for inviting and confirming contributors; Marsha to faciliate. Marsha to organize eqipment through Chelsea Notes:
Additional Aspects: Michaela and Katrine's Pedagogic Party; Dan Smith and Robin's thing; Joanna Rajkowska's intervention Coordinator? Notes:
Food and Facilities: Food: Ken's students to run food stall. Other groups? Notes:
Archiving: Do we want to do something special? Publication related? All to contribute to the wiki Marsha to arrange for a photographer and videographer (?) Notes:

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