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We've been discussing for some time the possibility of having a Speakers' Corner as part of #TransActing. It could be as simple as a milk crate turned upside down. But other possibilities emerged when Shibboleth Shechter took up Marsha's invitation to be part of the #TransActing. Shibboleth teaches on the BA in Interior and Spatial Design at Chelsea. In years past she has run a summer school with Widening Participation students. This will be the last time the course runs and it's scheduled for 29.06 to 04.07 (TBC).

When Neil suggested a Speakers' Corner as one of the aspects the group might contribute, it seemed like a great fit. Shibboleth has extensive experience working with the Speakers' Corner Trust and this includes producing a Speakers' Corner for a Market of Ideas in Oslo.

One of the main limitations is that the students can't use power tools (under aged) and for this reason, they'll be working in cardboard. The group will also have the help of Xavi Llarch Font from the Decorators and Karem has offered to assist with constructing some kind of 'step up'. It was agreed in CP's meeting on 2nd June that raising the Speakers' Corner up--giving it some height--was a good idea. More on this to come...

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