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Resilience is the capacity of a bounded network - a person, bacterial culture, a forest, a city or an economy, to deal with change and continue to develop. It's the capacity to use shocks and disruption - like an infection, financial crisis or climate change, to spur renewal and creative practice. Resilience is a model to think about sustainable ways for humans to co-exist within our biosphere.

Some of us are working toward the Cultures of Resilience/Exchange: A platform for exhibiting, performing actions and conversations during 23rd- 27th March 2015.

Our proposal is:

tracing networks of evaluation

Team: Marsha Bradfield, David Cross, Neil, Anna, Neil F, Tobias, John, CiCi, Denzi, Karel, Molly and others

We have enabled the values of competitive markets to dominate contemporary cultural production, we inhabit a mono-culture of evaluation, and this is not resilient. Taking our model from resilient ecosystems - where bio-diversity is essential for their reproduction- we intend to explore different, varied, even conflictual evaluative communities. For the week long festival, we intend to exhibit a fragment of our ongoing research.

Taking the University as an exemplar, we are mapping/tracing of some of its evaluative communities. These include student/staff interest compositions, our financial entanglements, our aspirations, and our energy flows. These tracings are enabling us to visualise evaluative networks, and assess their resilience.

We will run some live mapping/tracing workshops, to research in-real-time, and share the results of that research.

Here is our initial draft proposal Cultures of Resilience which is part of our ongoing research into Evaluative Communities

Cultures of Resilience (CoR)

Cultures of Resilience

ABOUT: Cultures of Resilience (CoR) are the interwoven narratives, ideas, meaningful products and performances that, together, create the cultural fabric of an emerging society: a resilient society capable to face and navigate the turbulence of our time, learning from our experiences as to how best to thrive. Art and Design have the possibility to catalyse creative assemblies that build social capacity and contribute to social renewal.

EVENT: CoR Exchange is a cross-UAL event that will take place from the 23 to 28 of March 2015 at LCC. It is a main component of a two years initiative, the aim of which is to enhance the UAL’s contribution to a more resilient and sustainable society Cultures of Resilience Project There is a CoR e-book.

STRUCTURE: The CoR Exchange is a 6 days event in which various UAL research clusters present their projects, perform “actions” or share “evidence”. Therefore, during the week, the Exchange space evolves: at the beginning its only contents are some basic information on the participant projects and on the overall event. During the 6 days, the 'evidence' accumulates, enriching the Exchange space with a growing quantity of information. The “actions” are different kinds of micro-events, performances, discussion or short workshops; and “evidence” are visible/tangible artifacts as objects, prototypes, videos, photos and books. In parallel a program of initiatives is proposed to integrate the research (normally in a late afternoon time-slot, form 17.30 to 19.3

PROGRAMME: The projects, and therefore the actions, are clustered around 6 meta-keywords (each one of which corresponds to a group of keywords). They are:

1. Risk taking and chaos embracing (ref. error-friendly systems
2. Disrupting and regenerating (ref. transitional systems)
3. Trusting and collaborating (ref. auto-organizing systems)
4. Hybrid and distributed (ref. distributed systems)
5 Diversified and tolerant (ref. diversified systems)
6 Open and reactive (ref. self-learning systems)

The introduction to these meta-keywords, and the corresponding individual keywords, can be found at CoR Website

Return to Main Page read our initial draft proposal Cultures of Resilience or see our Sunlight screening event


Some of these tracing aren't exactly pretty, but do help with visualising relations...

virtuous evaluative community


evaluative community 1

Circles of Sustainability image (assessment - Melbourne 2011).jpg

Tracing Resilience at the V&A