TransActing: A Market of Values - Quick Guide

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The project described below was the focus of my practice-based post-doctoral fellowship in economies and ecologies of collaborative cultural production. It was realised in collaboration with Critical Practice.

one of the Market's flyers

TransActing A4Letter.jpg

Our first stall prototype - We worked with the art and architecture collective, public works to create the Market's stalls. This unfolded through a series of workshops. Here is one of our our first stall prototypes.
Andreas Lang of public works explains the stall prototypes based on Enzo Mari's open source furniture designs
stall designs
Angela and Elena build
Goodgym makes some stalls
Artists' Union England construct their stall
the night before Market day

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CP letters.png

Market Day
the milling crowd
some of the stalls featured in #TransActing
A special feature of #TransActing was the currency produced by Neil Farnan with help from Metod Blejec and Neil Cummings.
some of the stalls featured in #TransActing
speakers corner

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