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Coordination of the Speakers' Corner Kuba and Marsha

At our hiving Market of Values we organize Speakers Corner.
The Corner will work like a... speakers corner, i.e. there will be possibility to simply come and speak. Yet, CP will make an effort to enlist potential speakers in advance.

During the meeting on 30th of June, was agreed that there is 300 to be distrubited among 6 most needing speakers, please indicate the needs in the Speakers Corner Budget
Take a look here for Speakers' Corner Background
The architectural shape of the Corner will be designed by Shibboleth Shechter as part of her cooperation with students.

Timeline and list of potential speakers.

Transacting Speakers' Corner sign-up
12.30 Michał Murawski UCL Bling Bling Communism Confirmed
12.45 Dan Smith Chelsea Beyond Utopia: The Value of Displacement Confirmed
13.00 Mark McGowan Artist Taxi Driver Austerity YES
13.15 Frances Scott 50/50 equality in political parties and parliament yes, but timing TBC
13.30 Emily Ballard Artist Union England Unionising Confirmed
13.45 Vlad Morariu freelance Deconstruction and Justification Confirmed
14.00 Roch Dunin Wąsowicz LSE Value(s) of Europe Confirmed
14.15 Person TBC United Voices of the World and Unionisation Southeby's Protest and Firing Confirmed but time is not!
14.30 Ffiona Rowland Freelance Restorative Justice Practice Confirmed
14.45 **** ***** ********** ****
15.00 **** ***** ********** ****
15.15 Hafez Omar Karem Ibrahim Art and Politics Confirmed
15.30 **** ***** ********** ****
15.45 **** ***** ********** ****
16.00 Professor Malcolm Qinn ***** art/education/politics/policy Confirmed
16.15 **** ***** ********** ****
16.30 **** ***** ********** ****
16.45 **** ***** ********** ****


  • Malcolm Quinn - can be flexible

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To discuss on in the General Market Meeting Agenda for 16th June 2015:

  • Who this is for?
  • Who will participate?
  • Should it be curated and is so, who should do this?

Do we need an email to send out?