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#TransActing: Contributions to the publication
Stallholder Stall Submitted = Y or N Comments
50/50 Promoting legislation which would mean all parties have to put forward at least 50% women candidates in the Scottish Parliament and Council elections Y Reviewed by Amy and Cinzia
Abortourism A fictional travel agency of medical tourism examining the negotiation between state and citizen through reproductive rights and technologies Y Reviewed by Cinzia and Marsha
Pita Arreola, Elliott Burns, Jake Charles Rees, Špela Pipan, Louise Laage Toft, Yusi Xiong Curated This! Y Received 28/09/15 - awaiting review by Cinzia and Amy
Akiko Ban Wearable Art Y Reviewed by Amy and Marsha - needs a bit more work - Marsha in contact with Akiko about this
Emily Ballard Artists Union England Y Reviewed by Cinzia and Marsha - sent to Emily for final feedback
Bello Gnocco Stall selling Sicilian arancini at bargained-down prices N We haven't asked for anything yet...Marsha to contact Karem
Tobias Benedetto, Molly Butt, Cici Kang, Karel Doing, John Hartley, Anna Minshall & Deniz Paran CCW Tracers - Invite you to join them mining, untying and reweaving traces of the Anthropocene Y Reviewed by Marsha, Eva's is forthcoming - Marsha has also emailed Metod to determine if the words/images can be printed as they are
Georgia Brown, David Cross and Amy McDonnell Divest UAL Y Cinzia had reviewed
The Common and Josh Y'Barbo Reimagining (art and design) education From a letter to the teacher to Letter to the System Y Reviewed by Marsha - awaiting review by Amy
Carla Cruz and Antonio Contador Finding Money, London & Paris Y Amy and Cinzia to review
David Cross Master of the Universe (Zombie Academic) N Requested by Marsha; waiting to hear
Catja de Haas Giant Doll’s House Y Reviewed by Marsha; Eva's review forthcoming
Good Gym/Ian Drysdale Virtuous communities - get fit do good N Don't think we asked for a contribution but Marsha has request one from Neil C.
Doris Koch The Finance(-ing)-System for Art-Dealing Y Reviewed by Marsha; Eva's review forthcoming
Dafne Louzioti Invaluable Movement - A workshop exploring the value of moving together using Capoeira Angola and Contact Improvisation exercises to unpack the subtlety of cooperation, competition and individual action within a group Y Reviewed by Cinzia and Amy
Barley Massey an Belle Tidswell Emotional Baggage Handling Service Y Reviewed by Marsha; Eva's review forthcoming
Anna Minshall The Bureau of Exchanges - This conversion table dealt across the tangible, abstract and emotive currents in the market. A microcosmic increase in personal investment in human exchange may reflect a macrocosmic revaluation of ecological consequences of economic transactions. Y Reviewed by Marsha; waiting for Eva's review
Mohammad Namazi 5 minute art conversations Y Marsha and Cinzia provided feedback; waiting for edit/rework - Marsha to give him a nudge
Alice Tatge In Passing: An encounter on success and failure; choreography of the mind will be stimulated using a toolkit of senses including olfactory potions and storytelling Y Reviewed by Ciniza and Amy
John Teddy Fortune Cookies: 300 Limited Edition Custom-made Fortune Cookies will be created to initiate discourse about the value we place on readymade objects N? Marsha has been in touch with Neil F
Francis Thorburn Bring your own BBQ food - BBQ and chill-out area with furniture constructed from recycled artworks. Bring your own faire and Francis will cook it up N Marsha to chase - but may just be easier to write ourselves...
Pangaea Sculptors Centre The Bricklayer and the Artist - A sculpture-performance about learning from the construction industry: knowledge transfer through bricklaying N Marsha to chase
Colin Priest Minted N Marsha is chasing
Joey Ryken Hallucinatron 5000™ Micro-Hallucinatory Theatre Y Review by Amy and Cinzia
Renée Ridgway Collecting Keywords - Specificity, value, search, nomenclature: Creating a collective ‘folksonomy’, reflecting ‘A Market of Values. Y Cinzia has reviewed; still waiting for Marsha's - NB: Need logo from Mondrian Foundation

Invaluable Movement • Dafne Louzioti
A workshop exploring the value of moving together using Capoeira Angola and Contact Improvisation exercises to unpack the subtlety of cooperation, competition and individual action within a group

Jacob’s Ladder
Jacob’s Ladder is a small, ethical company who raise their own cattle. They will be selling beef burgers, demonstrating how costings of their products are calculated

Liquid Memory • Natalia Romik
Transacting in the substances of remembrance. As a prop to trigger memory exchange, liquor will be infused with the ambiences of places, people, situations

Listening Stall • Mark McDonnell
A workshop on listening as an approach to the other. Perhaps we all want someone to listen to us without judging, censoring or imposing themselves upon us?

The London Neurodegenerative Diseases Brain Bank • Judith Lyons
The stall will promote the importance and value of Brain Donation and will include craft activities for adults and children which may be kept or donated to the stall gallery

Lo Scarto (Touch) • Elena Cologni
The space between people as residue and difference and the knowledge of each other is embedded in objects produced in a process of visualisation through touch (prelinguistic)

Management Architecture Research
MAR interrogates the architecture of management structures in relation to ethical issues. mar focuses on institutions engaged in teaching and learning of art and design

Master of the Universe • David Cross
A new performative work that considers the cost of academic life under neoliberalism

Mending for Others • Textiles Environment Design • Becky Earley & Bridget Harvey
The act of mending our clothes needs a total reinvention; this stall invites you to mend for other people, to mend as ‘giftivism’, to mend as a social bond

Minor Compositions
The stall will showcase the research – theorizing – publishing project as part of a series of interventions and provocations drawing from autonomous politics and avant-garde aesthetics

Mint(ed)Colin Priest
Mint is one of the most undervalued herbs around, but the robust plant has remarkable currency - even used as tax payment in biblical Egypt. A lucky dip of mint will revitalise & sweeten passersby

Money Weaver • Tal Drori and Giovanni Innella
At the Money Weaver stall, the visitor will be able to give two banknotes of £5 and get them shredded and then woven into one banknote

Music By the Metre • Graham Dunning
Imagine a shoe repair stall, but instead of replacing heels it sells music by the meter. If you don’t want your music off the peg, bring along a cassette & have a new piece assembled while-you-wait

Open Circle Feedback (Ceramic Version)Dan and Trish Scott
YOUR OPINION MATTERS! Whether you want to share a thought, ask a question, trial an idea or just let off steam in an open space of live critique and evaluation

Open School East
Open School East was founded in 2013, responding to spiralling tuition fees and student debt. It was instituted as an experimental, versatile and collaborative space for artistic learning and production

Open Values • Metod Blejec and Taja Topolovec
OpenValues is developing a platform for a worldwide community of individuals and organizations build on shared values, work ethics, beliefs and passions

Organ Donation & Palpation of the Spleen • Angela Hodgson-Teall and James Van Der Walt
Organ donation is a generous act, requiring empathy with an unknown other. Gift today.

People’s Bureau • Eva Sajovic, Rebecca Davies and the People's Bureau community
An artist-led participatory project activating an exchange of skills and needs based in a dedicated shopping cart in Elephant & Castle will travel to Chelsea Parade Ground.

Permaculture / Permablitz
Creating sustainable human habitats by following nature’s patterns with Permablitz a social experiment emulating the give and take exemplified by the soil-food-web.

For 33 years Platform has combined arts, education, activism and research in projects driven by the need for social and ecological justice.

Photographing Girls Archive• Julia Riddiough
Imagery from pro-am photography manuals that utilise the male gaze and viewpoint to photograph women... in order to sell products or just to consume women?

Portable Darkroom • BBKP: Savvas Papasavva , Nathan Birchenough, Nicholas Brown, Craig Kao
When was the last time you physically developed or printed a photograph? A self-made, portable darkroom revealing the tools and methods needed to create chemical-based photographs

Promise Exchange • The Early Lab
In exchange for refreshment, people promise to make a small intervention over the following week to help combat stigma detrimental to preconceptions about mental health

Reading Aloud: Eden of the Dispossessed • Ruth Maclennan
The fifth Reading Aloud performance by the artist. The project seeks to reclaim public space for intellectual exchange through cultivating the pleasures of reading and listening to words read out loud.

Rejuice • Tom Fletcher and Friends
Recycle and refresh with juice made from mindless waste

Creative Resilient London • Community building and place making in the city. In the stall, good examples of creative communities in London are exchanged with general ideas on the cultures of resilience and on design for social innovation.

Ribas and Herbst
Exploring greed and selflessness, authority and deference, demand and obeyance, drama and power...

Rivers ProjectSilvia Krupinska and Richard Bater
While serving water to drink, Silvia creates conversations about the importance of rivers, their ecosystems and other natural resources

School of the Damned
An alternative un-accredited postgraduate program run by its students and supported by a growing circle of visiting lecturers and tutors

Speaker’s Corner
A platform open for everyone to stand up, and voice their concerns, visions and values, enacting our belief in the free and unconstrained exchange of ideas; speakers include: AltGen, Mark McGowan, Valeria Graziano, United Voices of the World and many more besides

Our speakers' corner was created by Chelsea College of Arts' Interior and Spatial Design Summer School
Staff: Shibboleth Shechter, Xavi Llarch Font, Carolina Caicedo
BA & FDA ISD Student Ambassadors: Zahra Khan, Nadia Rodrigues Pedrosa, Shukri Sultan
A Level Art and Design students from: Addey and Stanhope School,
Cheam High School, Pimlico Academy, Edmonton County High School, Eastbury Comprehensive School, Carshalton Boys School and Burntwood High School for Girls

Speculative values: Science Fiction Short Stories • Dan Smith
Reading a selection of science fiction short stories at hourly intervals chosen for their sense of cognitive estrangement, and for their engagement with ideas related to value

Stupid Club • Sadie Hennessy
A look at the fragility that defines rock/pop stars; the brevity of their lives paradoxically ensures the enduring nature of their (posthumous) careers.

Surreal-Toy-Making workshopJennie Fagerstrom / MachinesRoom
Learn how to incorporate LED lights and conductive thread in this surreal-toy-making workshop!
Tarot Readings £5 • Rosalie Schweiker
Rosalie decided to make her own deck of tarot cards, which she now offers to read at art events but also in shops, in the streets and in markets.

Tear Dealer • Alicja Rogalska and Łukasz Surowiec
A pop-up stall where anyone can produce and sell their tears for cash. It creates a space for the collective experience of sadness as work.

thickear Records Store • thickear: Geoff Howse, Jack James, Kevin Logan and Tadeo Sendon
A thickear sound recording artifact can be acquired by members of the public in exchange for personal data in an exploration of the ethics and economies of data transactions
Wearable Art • Akiko Ban
The stall will showcase 'wearable art’ - handmade perspex jewellery- which questions the value of art, its distribution and consumption.

Weave Exchange • Shane Waltener
A collection of objects originally made using natural plant materials found on location, which will question the value of making and work, as well as locality, ecology and sustainability

Weighting Matter • Ruobing Wang
Weight is a measurement of how much the force of gravity acts on a given amount of mass – weighing and balancing everyday objects

Xenospaces • Dr. Angus Cameron
Exploring the construction of 'xenospaces' - fictional but functional spaces of money, finance, boundaries, taxation, cartography and discourses of inclusion, exclusion and exception --

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